November Dick of the Month: Dr. John Black

Hi again everyone! Rich said I’m doing a pretty good job with my blogs, so he’s letting me help him catch up on Dicks of the Month!


not sure if blogs


Alrighty! Here he is, November’s Dick of the Month…


The nightmare of vaginas everywhere!

This asshole! Dr. John Black.

The nightmare of vaginas everywhere!

Laura thought she was going to have a routine gynecological exam but instead had the traumatic experience of having potassium hydroxide sprayed INTO HER FUCKING VAGINA! You know what that shit is? It’s a chemical in drain cleaner. This shit had a pH level of at least 12. Why in the name of fucking fuck would you ever have that anywhere near where you would be doing an examination on someone?


Pardon my French.

Pardon my French.


And then to make matters worse this so-called “doctor” thought it was a good idea to try to apply a numbing cream to her vagina WITHOUT A FUCKING GLOVE! Then he tries to justify this fucktard action by saying “I hope you’re not offended. I just want to let you know I’ve been married forever, and I don’t have any diseases.” Yeah, not helping.




And if you thought it couldn’t get worse than that, you were fucking wrong. After she went to the hospital they found a plastic cap was behind her cervix. I really have no idea of how that would happen and it’s not explained in the article I read so I’m not sure if even the actual doctors know how that happened.


First I was like this.

First I was like this.


Then I was like this.

Then I was like this.


And to top all this off, due the damage of the potassium hydroxide Laura may have to get a hysterectomy.

So, yeah, Dr. (maybe it should just be D for dick instead of Dr.) John Black is November’s much deserved Dick of the Month. Lets see what you’ve won! You get potassium hydroxide sprayed into your urethra and up your asshole! I feel it’s a fair punishment for all the damage you’ve caused Laura.




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