Photopost: Disney Derp!

To make up for the lack of posts and for the late notice on the Avon, Mimi found some interesting pictures.  If you’ve seen a Disney movie in the past 60 years, you might know who some of these folks are…although everything’s just a little…well, off.  So, here she is…with her weird Disney stuff…

Yay, its-a me, Mimi-o!  Err. sorry I mean, it’s me…Mimi.  You remember me…

She might as well glue the hand there, with how often I spout these puns.

You thought it was gonna be the chick with the knife, again, huh?

The first thing I had to decide on was what Text to use for this post.  I thought, maybe Times New Roman? No, too plain. Courier? No, no, too old-school. Maybe even…Ariel?

I decided on...

I decided on Georgia.  Don’t ask why.


Maybe we’ll move on to something newer, like the wonderful movie Frozen!


Anna sees what you did there…also over THERE!!


No good?  What about something a little older, then?  Maybe some Cinderella?


Tra la la la-phtbbb!


Okaaay…these are starting to get weird.  I’m thinking some people may just have too much time on their hands.  I think I need a drink.


Nope, I’m good…sober is good.


So let’s move on to one of my Disney favorites: Beauty and the Beast!


“As a specermen, yass, I’m inteemaderping!”


Of course, maybe Gaston got off lucky with a refusal…

...and a deadly plummet?

…and a deadly plummet?


By God!  This is all horribly wrong!  Okay, okay, calm down everyone.  What about something as wholesome and pure as…as…Winnie The Pooh?!


That worried look as he examines the stub is perfect.


We started on The Little Mermaid, let’s end on it, too…


With some Little Nightmers!


And now she has legs!!

And now she has legs, too!!



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