Shall We Date?: Abridged

Tons of news for you folks lately!  First I discussed my book being released in a few months, then I told you all about the panels I’ll be hosting at Tekkoshocon again this year.  Oh wait, I haven’t told you that, have I?  Probably because it was only confirmed a day or two ago.  Well, I don’t have timelines, yet, but I am slated to host two panels as it stands right now, with the possibility of a third one.

Now what did I come here to tell you folks?  Oh, that’s right…I’ve also been hired on to a new project as an assisting writer.  It’s a comedic ‘abridged’ series parodying a Dating Sim called “Shall we Date?: Angel or Devil” by NTT Solmare Corp.  If you’re interested, head on over to the trailer (embedded below) and give it a like, the project head is a Ms. Jamy Catalyst.

I originally got interested in the project because it seemed like a good concept and from working on the script I have to say that it does look like it’ll turn out pretty well.  I hope you’ll give it a look when we start releasing the full episodes!



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