We’ve Moved!

Welcome to DickJutsu.com!  I know what you might be thinking…you’ve been coming here for some time already, right?  Well wrong, when you typed DickJutsu.com into your browser bar, you actually went to our WordPress site.  We have officially moved to our own hosting!  Now you can enjoy all the goodness of DickJutsu.com without all the things that come with someone else hosting your blog.  Things like…advertising that you can’t control, the inability to make money from your own website, or other people being able to randomly decide you’ve broken an asinine rule and delete your entire account.

BTW, that last thing didn’t happen to us, we’ve left WordPress on good terms.  They were good to us, and they were free; can’t complain.  An acquaintance of ours did have that problem with Tumblr, though.  So maybe stay away from them.

So hopefully you enjoy the new site as much as the old.  Considering the fact that they’re almost identical, I can’t see how you wouldn’t.

If you notice any issues with the site, please feel free to leave a comment letting us know just how piss-poor and miserable of a website builder I am.




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