Who’s On Twentieth?

I’m going to say something here that might be considered rather controversial.  First of all, and this will alienate half of my potential fanbase, I support Feminism and am a Feminist, myself.  I support women’s equality in media and in real life.  If you’ve read my book, Escort, or played any of the games we’ve produced through Nic3Ntertainment you might already have an inkling of that.

Now, the rest of this post will probably alienate the other half.

An organization of women want to change the face of the person on the $20 bill from Former President Andrew Jackson (in case you don’t keep up with the news, he was a two-term president in the early 1800s) to a woman.

I suppose this…I mean, I opport this.  Hrmm, let me try to finagle what I’m trying to say.  I do partially support their endeavor; however I disagree with the premise on a base ideal.  Now let me explain what I mean.

They have decided, after rigorous polling, to push for Harriet Tubman to be put on the $20 bill, in the year 2020, the centennial of the Women’s Suffrage movement.  I personally would have chosen Alice Paul, myself, had I been invited to partake in the voting.  Tubman was a great American Hero, there’s no doubt, but to celebrate Women’s Suffrage they choose…an abolitionist hero?

But, regardless of my personal preference on what order women are to be named as national heroes, I disagree with replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman for a very simple and base reason: Tubman was never president.  I, personally, feel that U.S. Dollar Bills should only have U.S. Presidents on it.

Now, I know what you might say in response to that:

You sexist pig, you just don’t women on money!

And that’s not how we achieve a positive dialogue.  The more moderate of you might actually say something like this:

What about Alexander Hamilton?  He was never president and he’s on the $10 bill!


You are absolutely correct.  Which is why I support removing Alexander Hamilton from the $10 bill and putting someone else on it.  Like Teddy Roosevelt or perhaps Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Or even John Tyler, who was the tenth preside—I can’t even finish that sentence, Tyler doesn’t deserve the honor, don’t put him on any money, please.

One might even recall, were they wealthy enough to see a $100 bill recently, that Benjamin Franklin is on it.  Also never president, although I know that comes as a surprise to some people.  So there we go…we could replace Hamilton with FDR and Franklin with Teddy.  I’d be perfectly fine with that.


Now the ladies of the Women on 20s organization do have a surprisingly meritorious argument for removing Jackson.  Andrew Jackson is a war hero, there’s no denying that, and he was certainly a badass.  But he did sign the Indian Removal Act that caused the Trail of Tears and numerous other atrocities against the Native Americans.

Again, my main argument is that I already want the non-President people stripped from the money, I don’t want to be adding on to the problems.  Now, once we get rid of Franklin and Hamilton, we can look at replacing Andrew Jackson with another President.  Maybe one that even the Women on 20s could get behind…




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  1. Chey
    May 16, 2015 @ 14:23:24

    So hey we met at tekko & I went to your writing panel, being a writer myself, I even asked you a couple questions which you’ve helped with.

    I decided I wanted to add a comment here about how I feel about all this. I’m a woman, wouldn’t call myself a feminist though. I do believe in equal rights of love, gender or whatever in this world. We already as a country changed a lot to having a black president to even having gas prices lowered. So of course lots of people want to change the different bills we have. A part of me says “yeah why not?” Then the other side of me says “we should stick with presidents & one day once we get a female president we can add her to a bill.” Another side of me feels like we should just stick with what we came up with so many years ago.

    I do detest America though so all of this I’m just kind of whatever about. I just have to live here ha. So basically I have a lot of different views, but I also agree with you.


    • Richard C. Shaffer
      May 23, 2015 @ 04:10:30

      Sorry the late response. For some reason I thought I replied to you. I do occasionally have a habit of writing a reply and then forgetting to hit that ‘ol [Post Comment] button. Hehe.


      I do appreciate you coming by the panel, and I’m glad I was able to help out with your writing. The most important advice I can give, regardless of what I told you that day (mostly to use the period’s slang and speaking patterns, I believe 😉 ), is to keep writing. Every piece you write lets you improve. I’m no exception, the stuff published in Escort I way better than the stuff I was writing a few years ago. And the stuff I’ve written since Escort came out is even better than Escort.

      But, yeah, on topic (I’m also not good at that)…we could make it even simpler by getting rid of paper money and having nobody on the money. Of course, that would make other things complicated. There’s just no winning with money. I say we go back to trading beaver pelts! Well, maybe not…there’s no beavers where I live. 😉



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