DJ Comic: June Holidays Part 4



Sorry, it’s late, as usual.  There’s a few things that I wanted to mention with this comic.  First, if you don’t know what Ramadan is, it’s a Muslim holiday that lasts about a month.  It starts on the crescent moon and ends on the crescent moon.  During that time you can’t eat or drink anything from sun up to sun down, unless you are unable to safely fast.  This is just one of many reason I’m not a religious person.  I like food way too much, not to mention I get really bad hunger headaches.  But kudos to those that can handle doing stuff like this, because I know couldn’t.

Second, I’m sure some of you have noticed that I often switch between starting at the left side and the right side.  It’s a habit I have due to reading a lot of manga, which reads right to left.  I even read one of those eye charts right to left, one day.  The doctor wasn’t too surprised so I’m assuming it’s not a super rare thing to happen, which made me feel a little less silly.


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