Samurai Gaiden: Date Masamune

It’s that time again!  July’s Samurai Gaiden has been released and this month’s feature is a couple of anecdotes about Date Masamune, the One-Eyed Dragon!  A very interesting and intriguing individual, to be sure.

In the video we talk about only two of the many stories about him!  The story of how he lost his right eye, and we even debate the fact of whether or not he did it himself or if his trusted retainer, Katakura Kojuro, did it for him.  We also tell the story of how his mother, Mogami Yoshiko, tried to murder him.  All in the name of ascending to the position of Daimyo of the Date Clan!  Am I right?!


“You most certainly are, Rich!” -Date Masamune (paraphrased)



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