Samurai Gaiden: Arimaka no Yorozu

So the video finally got finished a little later than I had wanted it, but the latest Samurai Gaiden is finally up.  It’s about a young warrior named Arimaka no Yorozu, also sometimes referred to as Totoribe no Yorozu.

Feel free to watch the video and then I have a few things I want to address quickly, about why I decided to use the name Arimaka no Yorozu.

None of the sources state that Yorozu’s family name was not recorded, although he is often regarded as Totoribe no Yorozu.  As far as I understand it Totoribe was his title, as I mentioned the ‘bird catcher’s division’, but I personally chose to refer to him as Arimaka no Yorozu because it fits better with the naming conventions of the samurai of the time; I felt.

Yorozu’s story is a bit of a tragic one, but when I read it I couldn’t help but jump the shark a bit and do a Heian story.



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