Samurai Gaiden: Siege of Arai

Well, I forgot to mention that the September Samurai Gaiden went up…on September 4th.  Hey, I’m only 22 days late on this post, right?  It’s about the Ise vs. Miura war in the early 16th century that culminated in the Siege of Arai Castle, also sometimes referred to as the Siege of Misaki Castle.


I’m so late on making the post about that video going live, that we’ve actually had a second video go live in September.  It’s about how some samurai families re-used certain names for multiple generations.  That’s right!  A special feature video to make up for the fact that the Siege of Arai video was so short, at less than 5 minutes in length.

Maybe we’ll even shoot for a 5-8 minute length video from now on, instead of actually shooting for a ten minute video.


I hope you enjoy them.  Samurai Gaiden videos will now officially be uploaded on the First Friday of every month.  If the month also happens to have a special episode, like the above-mentioned Samurai Gaiden Shorts video, it will be posted on the Third Friday of the month.


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