DJ Comic: November Holidays Part 1


Sorry it’s late again.  I’ve ending up working on the comics while I was half asleep most of the time so I kept having to fix stuff like remembering that it’s now November and not October and that it’s November not Noverember.  Sleep is reeeeeally important.

This scene happens all the time and I’ve learned to just roll with it.  It’s how Rich writes most of the time.  He can get into a groove that can last hours and I do my best not to get in his way.  One time he was on a really good roll, but I was hungry and had decided earlier that we were going out to eat.  So I kept bugging him and trying to hurry him up.  He finished the paragraph he was on and then we left.  We got home an hour or so later and he couldn’t get back into his groove.  I felt like total shit.  So I don’t break the groove anymore, I do my best to help however I can.


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