Lyner, Even You Can Excel! Eh?

You know, for a man my age, who has been called a ‘scholar’ of various subjects and topics…I find it alarming how many things I don’t seem to research. Mostly trivial, I hope, but still.

This point was driven home like a nail to the brain just yesterday, as I was sitting in traffic and listening to the radio. Why would I listen to the radio? I was tired of the CD in the CD player and I couldn’t reach my CD case. I also don’t have much music on my phone, because the game I play on my phone takes up too much space.

Pokémon no go…

Now let me bring this important point up. I know the words, in Russian, for both of the Origa songs used as the openings for the Ghost in the Shell anime series. I also know the words, including English translation, for the song Dragonstea Din-Tei by the Romanian band, O-Zone (y’know, the Numa Numa song).

Well, the Metallica song Enter Sandman came on the radio. I was bored and stuck in traffic, so I figured, “Hey a good song for once…” I cranked up the volume and starting singing along. It was as this point that I realized…I didn’t actually know the words. This song’s older than I am, I’ve listened to it dozens of times, and I never really thought to figure what the lyrics were.

I was yelling out stuff like, “Excel Liner, prayer for night! Take my hand, off to never never land.” And one verse I even tried “Exce-elle-ent! Excel Nigh-aye. Take my hand…” Only today did I get a chance to look up the lyrics.

Exit Light, Enter Night.

Really? I was way off. And what is an Excel Liner that I actually thought I was close to the real words?

C'mon Lyner, you can do it! Excel Lyner...Excel!!

C’mon Lyner, you can do it! Excel Lyner…Excel!!

Oh well…


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  1. Chey
    Aug 23, 2016 @ 20:00:11

    Tried playing age of ishtaria, but couldn’t get into it. Does it get better ? D:


    • Richard C. Shaffer
      Aug 24, 2016 @ 20:12:53

      The key to getting into Ishtaria is the events. They update with new content every week, which keeps them interesting; because without the events it’s just spend AP, spend BP, buy card packs – hope you get decent cards. They’ve got some cool PvP events, clan-v-clan events, then they also have cooperative events, and my favorite event was the ‘Bingo’ one. You got a series of bingo cards and basically doing odd stuff in the game gave you slots on the bingo card and you got rewards for getting bingos and clearing the cards.
      As I near level 200, though, it has gotten a bit grindy; but last week was also my 1-year anniversary of playing the game on a daily basis, so I’ve definitely put my time into it, too.


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