Game Grumps Remembers Old Songs

The wife and I are big fans of the Game Grumps. Through watching them we became associated with two of our favorite musical acts: Starbomb and Ninja Sex Party.

Both of the guys behind the show, Arin and Dan, are technically musicians (they are Starbomb, along with Brian – the other half of Ninja Sex Party) and because of that they talk music a lot – Dan in particular.

So on a recent episode – Katamari Forever Episode 19 to be exact – they were talking about a song that had been stuck in Dan’s mind for years. He knew it was from a game he had played as a child, but he hadn’t been able to place it in all this time. They posed the question to twitter, asking what the song was and eventually discovered what it came from. Go twitter peoples!

"Did you know I'm also on twitter?"

“Did you know I’m also on twitter?”

That got me thinking about a few songs that I hum/sing a lot. I had been humming along to the music in my head for years, but really had no idea where it came from. Three tunes in particular had a pretty constant loop in my brain, but I didn’t know if they were actually from anything.

The first one I figured out in my late teens/early twenties when I got back into retro gaming. After spending years being the Playstation generation I remembered that I was actually the 8-bit generation and got back into playing a bunch of my old NES, SNES, and Genesis games.

One of those games, of course, was Street Fighter II. I hadn’t played II in years, although I somewhat regularly played the Alpha series and III with my buddy. So there I am playing Street Fighter II, Championship Edition on the Genesis like I used to do all the time in my early years. And I come across a song that is very familiar to me.

Guile Theme

That’s right…one of the songs I had played in my head for years without remembering where it came from, was the theme song to my number-one character’s stage in Street Fighter. Replaying the game was the only way I was able to remember that one at such a young age. You see Youtube wasn’t nearly as big and popular as it is now – not ten years ago.

But a few years after that I did start to frequent Youtube more and more often, as it was becoming more mainstream. No longer was Youtube just the place to put up odd videos for your friends and family members to see. No! Now you could actually go to Youtube with a purpose…try to find something in particular.

And that thing I wanted to find was the Robocop Theme. Which I found…and then that linked to the Terminator 2 theme. Ooo, nice; what’s next? The Indiana Jones theme? Geez, it’s been years since I saw those movies, I don’t even remember what the theme song sounded like. I hadn’t watched Indiana Jones since I was like…ten or twelve, maybe?

The song starts up and realization dawns on me within seconds. This is song #2 in my head’s jukebox!

I loved all three movies as a kid! The fourth movie doesn’t exist, I like to imagine Indy had a stroke and the fourth movie is just images played in a random sequence as he dies; it’s less tragic than the actual movie.

Personally my list of best Indy movie to least best: Last Crusade, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Temple of Doom.

The last song, however, would take a bit more to scrounge itself into my consciousness. It was a mixture of both the internet and actual retro gaming. I had been watching a video on Newgrounds, which was basically Youtube before Youtube even existed. One of the parts of the video had song #3 on my mental jukebox. But it wasn’t attributed in the credits (douches!) so I wasn’t sure what it was from. I took a few cues from the video to deduce it may have been a sonic game.

So I got a few Sonic games up and rolling and started playing them through. Lo and be-goddamn-hold! The boss theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 2!

Sonic Theme

So the internet has made a lot of things easier. Like figuring out classic songs from our youths, apparently. And if you’ll notice none of them had lyrics for me to be confused about.


Did I mention I’m on twitter?

Did I mention I'm on twitter?

Sometimes I say profound shit, too.

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