Samurai Gaiden: Date Masamune

It’s that time again!  July’s Samurai Gaiden has been released and this month’s feature is a couple of anecdotes about Date Masamune, the One-Eyed Dragon!  A very interesting and intriguing individual, to be sure.

In the video we talk about only two of the many stories about him!  The story of how he lost his right eye, and we even debate the fact of whether or not he did it himself or if his trusted retainer, Katakura Kojuro, did it for him.  We also tell the story of how his mother, Mogami Yoshiko, tried to murder him.  All in the name of ascending to the position of Daimyo of the Date Clan!  Am I right?!


“You most certainly are, Rich!” -Date Masamune (paraphrased)



Samurai Gaiden: Maeda Matsu

For those of you haven’t heard, yesterday the Supreme Court put a pretty heavy hand on permitting Marriage Equality.  It was a shame that we had to utilize the Supreme Court, rather than our Congressional Powers, but a step in the right direction is a step in the right direction.  Right?  Right!

Those of you familiar with the Women’s Suffrage movement of the last century might remember that it actually went the opposite way.  In 1875 the Supreme Court rules that women did not have the right to vote.  But Congress, in 1920, gave women the right to vote thanks to the 19th Amendment.

You could argue we’re celebrating Women’s Suffrage a little early in June, since the 19th Amendment wasn’t ratified until August…but on June 4th, 1919 it was voted on and passed by the Senate (having passed the House in May).  So we have decided to celebrate U.S. ladies getting the right to vote in June with a Samurai Gaiden episode about a prominent woman of the later Sengoku Period: Maeda Matsu.

Matsu’s husband was a great man, at one point the most powerful man in Japan just before his death.  His abilities as a general, warrior, and politician are legendary.  And even more legendary?  His luck in marrying one of the brightest minds of the Sengoku period.  If you’d like to know more about Maeda Matsu, feel free to click on the link below and you’ll follow it along to our Samurai Gaiden video about her.



Congratulations to all my non-traditional fans who can now get married.  I’ve heard a lot of people since the decision spouting vitriol about Traditional Marriage.  Tradition is something to be considered, and possibly even revered, but it should be tradition because of the honor it evokes…not because it enforces discrimination.

Technically speaking, anyway, Traditional Marriage was an act where a Groom and his Best Man (or Men, as the case may have been) stealthily assaulted another family’s home and kidnapped one of the women.  That was followed by the Honey Moon wherein the Best Man would guard the door of the Groom’s bedroom and keep the newly kidnapped Bride from escaping or being rescued by her family until the Groom could rape her.  She was thusforth ruined in the eyes of her family and ideally would be raped to pregnancy by the time she was allowed free roam of her new home (generally this lasted about 28 days…hence the term Honey Moon).

So I’m okay with moving away from Traditional Marriage.  Especially since the woman I fell in love with is way more badass than I am.  There’s no way I would have been able to kidnap and rape her; she’d have whooped my ass.

Oh?  You want to get married, huh?  Great, I can't wait to deflower your butthole!

Oh? You want to get married, huh? Great, I can’t wait to deflower your butthole every day for a whole month!

Every step we take away from ‘Traditional’ marriage is a positive step in my book.


And yes, the word book links to my published work.  I’m positively shameless.

Tekko 2015 Video Upload Schedule

Hey folks, as promised the videos of our panels are going up across the next two weeks!  Starting tomorrow with the upload of Part 1 of my How To Avoid Bad Writing panel.  And ultimately it will culminate in the premiere of our new feature on YouTube: Samurai Gaiden!

Based on the feedback from the History of Sengoku Japan we have decided to start a new series on YouTube.  Each episode will concentrate on a particular person or event and highlight anecdotes in an educational and interesting way.

Because of the battery issue we had that cut the recording off in the middle of Ashikaga Yoshiteru’s story, he will be our first choice.  At any time feel free to comment on the Samurai Gaiden videos (once they start) and suggest someone or something you want to hear about.

We may also put in a few interesting ‘special features’ of some sorts, like talking about weapons or armor of the Samurai or maybe lifestyle…y’know whatever you folks are interested in hearing and I’m interested in telling you.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!  The first video goes up tomorrow morning!


Unboxing a PS3!

Well I was planning on buying her a Gaia Cash card anyway, so when she asked for one I admitted I was going to get her one.  Then she made me an offer: Giver her the card early and I can have the PS3 early.  That was a no-brainer for me.  So here’s an unboxing video of me opening and setting up the PS3.  If you like unboxing videos, there’s a few good jokes and funny bits in there, so feel free to enjoy my comical idiocy.

Hope you enjoy it!  I can’t wait to play some Assassin’s Creed!


RPG Maker Video Tutorial

Don’t know how many of you folks utilize the program RPG Maker in any sense or semblance, but due to a question in their forums that I was helping to answer (I’m about lower-intermediate skill level with the program) I created a video tutorial and put it up on the Bitchido Youtube Channel.  If you want to know how to program doors and such in RPG Maker VX Ace, then take a gander at it.

That’s for today.  I’ve been busy building in said program to do much else.  I hope to have a demo and such up in the next few days to next few weeks.


I Have Arachnophob–GAHH GET IT OFF ME!

I’ve heard that the reason the insects, and spiders, are so numerous this year is because of the heat.  apparently insects and arachnids are cold-blooded, so on warm years they mate and successfully breed more.  Which is I say we need to end Global Warming; who cares about Polar Bears, eternal winter will ensure the end of my arch-nemesis: Spiders.

In case you aren’t aware, I’ve had a skirmish or two, with spiders before.  But my fiancée has kept me fairly passive in my dealings with them lately, mostly through guilting me into it.  I knocked a spider off my van’s mirror and stomped it recently, thwarting it from building a web, or as I like to call it a forward base of operations.  She berated for murdering a homeless creature just trying to build a shelter for itself.

So I’ve been sparing the lives of spiders for the past couple of months.  But that ended a few days ago…when I got bit by one of the bastards.  Our peace agreement has been nullified!  I was taking down the flag at sunset and the bastard was laying in ambush on the halyard.  It bit me right on the index finger of my right hand.  It wasn’t deadly poisonous, but I lost feeling in my hand for a few minutes and my finger swelled and was numb for about 6 or so hours (it bit the vein in my middle knuckle, so that probably exacerbated things).

This was after catching a ninja assassin spider trying to kill me in the van the other night.  My fiancée came up to my window and told me she had a present for me.  I rolled the window down and in popped a spider, hanging from a single silken thread.  He was a little dazed, but I remained calm and collected and glared at my fiancée as a visual cue to…save my pussy ass.  She used a candy bar, which was my present by the way, to catch the spider.  She smiled at me softly and commended my courage saying, “I’m proud of how you handled that.  You didn’t scream, you didn’t pull out your gun and try to shoot it or anything.”  At which point I sheepishly mewed, “But what you don’t realize is…I shit my pants.”  Filled with faith in my courage she immediately gasped and said, “Wholly shit did you really?”  “No…not really…but if it had landed on my arm, instead of just dangling there; I make no promises.”  She then let the spider go, shaking it from the candy bar, in the driveway.

So long story short…I threw the bitch in gear and I ran the little bastard over…then I ate the candy bar.

Needless to say, I have a mite bit of arachnophobia, if you aren’t aware.  Our newest video on the YouTube channel has a bit of commentary on that fact.


Lick ’em?  C’mere you crusty bastard, I’ll suck your dick if it means I get to avoid those cars!

I Pray You Find This Cute

The other day my fiancée and I were doing some grocery shopping in the late night/early morning timeframe.  When we came out to put the stuff in my van we found a new little friend waiting for us.  It was a Praying Mantis, only the second one I’ve ever seen in my life (aside from pictures in books and online, of course).

So we got some video of it, here’s us playing it and discussing our incredibly limited knowledge of Praying Mantisessses…uhh, Praying Manti?  What the hell is the plural for Mantis?  Well whatever; we don’t shit about them, but they’re cute little buggers (haha, buggers, get it?).

My fiance made me a deal, too.  I’d leave the audio in if I put up this video…watch it carefully as I give it a close up and it gives me an even-closer up.


I’m willing to admit I screamed like a little bitch when it jumped at me, so what? =p

PO’d at the Carnegie PO

In May I mailed my June rent check to my landlord.  He lives about 5 minutes away (and if I had time I’d just walk to his house and tape it to his door) so it usually takes about 2 days for him to receive it.

Two weeks later he called me and said it never showed up.  I sent him a second rent check and he got that one; he told me he’d just cash the first one and call us even for July.

Now, August 4th, I get a letter in the mail…what’s left of my June rent check and its surrounding envelope.  It looks like it has been doused in water, probably a few times.  The envelope has brown spots all over it, it’s folded up and all the ink has run.  My address label has almost come off and my stamp is nowhere to be found.  They returned it because of lack of postage.

Here’s the video of the ‘unboxing’ of my envelope:

Photopost: Animals and a Bitchido Video

Have you seen the movie inception?  It’s all about dreams within dreams, or something like that.  Well our first picture is kind of like that, it’s a dog within a dog…it’s Dogception!

Another little pooch…

I think it's gone now...

Or…maybe not:

Any more room on that lap?

I'm hiding from a spider, what're you doing?

You see what?

Oh, I see them now, too.

And finally we have Nature’s rapists…

Bunny Logic: No means yes and Yes means harder.

One more thing, actually…

I recently made a bit of a blog talking about the somewhat recent re-legalization of slaughterhouses for horses.  Give it a look if you have any interest in horses.


Bitchido’s Videos: The Rant, Hilary Rosen’s Comments On Ann Romney

Recently Democratic strategist and CNN contributor, Hilary Rosen, made a few choice comments about Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann.

Hilary Rosen with her best 'are you kidding me?' face.

“What you have is Mitt Romney running around the country saying, ‘Well, you know my wife tells me that what women really care about are economic issues and when I listen to my wife that’s what I’m hearing.’ Guess what? His wife has actually never worked a day in her life. She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and why do we worry about their future.”

Needless to say the Republicans jumped on the attack claiming that Rosen was attacking stay-at-home mothers and fathers.  Something that Rosen was, herself, which makes it totally ridiculous.  Then you add in the way she was forced to begrudgingly apologize to Ann Romney by Wolf Blitzer, just for stating a fact.

So today we’ve got a new episode of The Rant.  I hogged the mic a bit on this one, I guess, ’cause its mostly me talking.  Speaking of mic, though, I tried a new trick with this video to make it easier to hear the dialogue.  I recorded the video with the camera and the audio with my old mic.  It’s still a little hard to hear, so next time I’ll set up the mic a little closer.

Now before you watch the video keep something in mind…I usually disagree with Hilary Rosen.  She’s a lobbyist and she’s part of the reason that politics are so screwed up.  She lobbies for the entertainment industry, so she’s probably helping to get things like SOPA, PIPA, and that new version CISPA passed.  But that doesn’t mean that her words should be twisted when she’s totally correct.


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