Tekko 2016 Four Classic Novels Part 2 Live!

Once again, with the coming of this fine day we have now released the second part of the Four Classic Chinese Novels panel from Tekko 2016.  Enjoy!



Tekko 2016 Review: Friday Part 2

So the other day we talked about what we did on the first half of Friday at Tekko 2016. Today we’ll talk about the second half of Friday. After the East vs. West panel we went out to grab some food at the local Jimmy Johns around the corner to the convention center. That is very convenient! Good food, fast service…perfect for a place attached to the convention center!

Anyway after food we lounged a bit again to get ready for the next panel and then we headed to our destination. This would prove to be the hardest panel for us to do: How to Write Dirty Stuff. It was hard because it wasn’t history related, like all the other ones were. I’m a history nerd, so it’s much easier to talk about history than explaining to people how to effectively write sex scenes.

Unfortunately given the material and the fact that the entire panel was just commenting on porn gifs, we didn’t bother to record it…Youtube wouldn’t have let us upload that, sorry.

We are extra sorry about that one, because just as we were finishing up…a gentleman came in saying that he had really hoped to attend the panel, but got caught up at work and left too late to make it. We felt so bad, but if there’s a lot of interest we will definitely bring it or something close to it back next year. I do have some semblance of experience in the topic, what with my book, Escort being a dirty book.

Subtle, no?

Subtle, no?

With a little bit of time to kill before our next panel we headed into the dealer’s room to check it out. It was a much bigger space than previous years, which was definitely a cool thing. There were still a few places to get hung up on in tight alleys, but overall it was much easier to get around.

We got a chocolate covered marshmallow thing from the fudge shop in the middle; that was pretty tasty. Then we headed back to the Tekko Gakkou room for our final panel of Friday night: Four Classic Novels: China’s Literary Effect on Japanese Anime and Games.

Below you can see the first video for that panel and the second one will go up tomorrow.


After that panel we were exhausted and headed home.  Set to be back by early Saturday afternoon for our final panel!  We were so excited we barely slept…no just kidding, we trudged home and sacked out after grabbing some dinner.

And where did we grab dinner from on the way home?  You know where…

It's almost a tradition at this point.

It’s almost a tradition at this point.


Tekko 2016 East vs. West Panel Part 2 Live!

As you might have guessed from the title, today is Day 2 of the review and video upload process.  So Part 2 of the East vs. West panel is now live!  You can find it clicking on the picture below!



Tekko 2016 Review: Friday Part 1

Another year has come and another Tekko has come to pass. The following two days will be our standard post-convention review; this time for Tekko 2016! We generally have too much setting up and preparation to do to attend the first day of Tekko, Thursday, which is generally just a video day. So we’ll be discussing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s affairs both fun and not-so-fun.

We had some panels to run this year and our first one was 3:30pm on Friday, so we planned to get there by 2:00pm to make sure we had time to register, meet with Con Ops to get set up and get to the panel room in time to set up and get the first set of jittery nerves out of the way.

We actually wound up being exhausted from Thursday’s work and I managed to pull a muscle in my back after the vacuum cleaner broke while trying to vacuum the steps. So…we went to bed early Thursday evening and wound up waking up super early Friday, so we actually got in around noon. We got our badges; we preregistered so it took about five minutes to get through.

We did the Premium Badge again this year and one thing I have to say is that the Premium goody bag…kind of sucked. It had a nifty little portable speaker in it, but other than that it was just some marketing materials from Funimation in a DBZ bag…and the bag was about an inch too short because the posters in the bag cut the hell out of my fingers while trying to carry the bag. No treats or anything like that.

'Bluetooth' is not a state of mind.

‘Bluetooth’ is not a state of mind.

The speaker was a nifty little toy, much like the battery backup devices they doled out last year, but the whole thing just seemed so half-assed compared to last year. Especially since it was downright fraudulent in its labeling. The box says “Bluetooth Speaker”, but it’s not Bluetooth; it’s not even remotely wireless. The directions clearly say you have to plug the silly thing into the device you want to play from. The only thing ‘wireless’ about it was that you can plug it in and charge it and then play from it on battery power; but it’s certainly not Bluetooth.

At least it looks cool...shame it's almost useless to me.

At least it looks cool…shame it’s almost useless to me.

I don’t know if this year’s stuff was sucky or last year’s was just that awesome. Either way, we were disappointed in the goody bag.

So on to actually getting into the convention. We roamed around a bit and tried to gain our bearing and figure out how the building was set up this year. We checked in with Con Ops and took a sweep through the Premium Lounge.

Allow me to digress for a moment. A few years ago when we looked at getting the Premium badges, we saw that one of the features was access to the ‘Premium Lounge’. A little place where Premium badge holders could go to sit around and waste away the time.

We thought that was just the stupidest little idea. Who would go to a con just to sit around and maybe watch a live-feed of whatever was going on in the main event stage? Is that worth the extra money? No way.

Fast-forward to the first time we got the Premium badges after the lounge was founded…


…god damn do we spend a lot of time in that lounge, now. It’s a great little place to unwind in between things. Got a panel at 7 and another at 9? Hit the lounge from 8-8:30 to unwind and stock up on complimentary bottles of water; you’ll need ’em for all that talking in the panel.

Anyway, back to the review at hand! We figured that we had some time to kill so we watched the first Nancy Kepner show in the lounge. Nancy can be a little awkward at times, but she’s a nerd musician in a room full of nerds; she was probably the least awkward person in that room. Nancy’s sweet and adorable, though, and she’s got some hilarious songs. The wife really enjoys her Yaoi Song and her Crossplay Song. I always enjoy the Weeabo Song and this year every time the wife and I passed the J-Pop Music vendors in the Dealer’s Room we would turn to each other and sing the chorus of her Sexy Asian’s Dancing Song.

Once the show was over we headed to the Tekkou Gakkou room where our first panel would be…in about an hour or two. We sat in on the Sides of the Spectrum: LGBT in Anime panel. They discussed a few anime we weren’t familiar with, but didn’t flood it with spoilers, so that was nice.

The opening of the panel was informative and I’m sure we could have gotten more out of it if we were more familiar with the anime they referenced. We got the Madohka and Sailor Moon references, but many of the other references were lost on us. Our fault, not theirs, really.


Click me to watch the East vs. West Panel Main video!

The next thing we did was set up for our own panel, East vs. West: Arms, Armor, and Lifestyles of the Knights of Europe and Samurai of Japan.

With this first review post we will begin debuting the videos of our panels. There are 5 videos in total, we decided to split them into 2 parts: Panel Main and Q&A, rather than split them into 10-minute mini-vids and then a full-on panel video as well. The exception is the final video which is about an hour long, but only has 8 minutes of Q&A, we just put the whole thing together in one video.

As this review is up here on Sunday, we will be releasing a video every day this week, culminating with the May Samurai Gaiden video ending the week on Friday. This month we’ll be talking about one of the guys I mentioned in the Samurai Mythconception panel and going a little more in-depth with his life. Come back again every day this coming week for more Tekko 2016 videos and reviews.


Tekko 2016 Schedule

So I’ve been talking about it a lot on Social Media, but I just realized I haven’t really said much about it on the site, here.

I’ll be attending Tekkoshocon this year, or just plain ‘ol Tekko as they’re calling it now. I will be presenting 4 panels, total: 3 on Friday and 1 on Saturday.

I know, I'm excited, too!

I know, I’m excited and surprised, too!


East vs West: Arms, Armor, and Lifestyles of the Samurai of Japan and the Knights of Europe

3:30pm in the Tekko Gakkou Room

-We will be discussing a comparison between the European Knight and the Japanese Samurai. The respective warrior classes of the Western and Eastern worlds. If you like swords, spears, court politics, and non-magical ponies, come join us!

I'm not sure I want to know what flavor that is.

I’m not sure I want to know what flavor that is.

How To Write Dirty Stuff (18+)

7:00pm in Panel Room 5

-Whether you’re writing erotica, just a regular sex scene, or outright porn and hentai you need to know the delicacies of dirty writing. Join author Richard C. Shaffer as he discusses how to plan, frame, word, and publish some sexy scenes.

The Four Classic Novels: China’s Literary Effect on Japanese Anime and Games

9:30pm in Tekkou Gakkou Room

-Dragon Ball, Saiyuki, Ikki Tousen, Dynasty Warriors, and the Suikoden series. What do they all have in common? They’re all based on classic Chinese novels. Come learn how these novels shape many of the anime we watch and the games we play from Japan.


"Outta the way, I gotta see this panel!"

“Outta the way, I gotta see this panel!”

Samurai Misconceptions: Learn the Truths of the Legendary Japanese Warrior

1:30pm in Tekkou Gakkou Room

-Armed with his katana, an unbeatable weapon of razor-sharp, high quality steel, the legendary samurai warrior fought one-on-one to victory or death in each battle. Or…maybe that’s just in the movies? Learn the real history of the Samurai from Heian courts to Sengoku battlefields and beyond!

Hope to see some of your folks there!


SG: Something New For the Table

I was recently looking for a new piece of furniture at a thrift store and came across this cute little gem:

Yeah, that's $1.59 for the whole pack.

Yeah, that’s $1.59 for the whole pack.

Ukiyo-e coasters for less than 2 dollars?  I’m interested.  How messed up do they look, though?

Oh, what’s that?  They are like mint frickin’ condition?

They feature these three artist's work.

They feature these three artist’s work.

A total of twelve coasters, in all.  There are four by each artist; featuring the work of Utagawa (Ando) Hiroshige’s lovely landscapes and Toshusai Sharaku’s kabuki actor series:


We also have four lovely ladies produced by Kitagawa Utamaro which, if you’ve watched the latest Samurai Gaiden videos, you might be able to catch a glimpse of behind me:


It’s a bit of a shame that when I’m talking in the videos you can’t really see more of the knickknacks and art I have on the table behind me.  Maybe I’ll make a video showcasing some of my stuff on it if people express some interest in it.

These coasters were designed to sit your drink on, but I have no intention of using them for that.  The previous owner didn’t seem to either, since they are meticulously maintained.  Not a bad deal for $1.59.

Actually, there might be one cup I could see using on them.  Something I picked up from half-price books the same day I got that set of Encyclopedia Britannicas:

A cup of Katsushika Hokusai's Great Wave off Kanagawa sitting on Ando Hiroshige's rendition of the same image.

A cup of Katsushika Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa sitting on Ando Hiroshige’s rendition of the same image.


Encyclopedia Britannica, I Choose You!

I’ve always wanted to own my own copy of a full Encyclopedia Britannica, but I’ve always been too poor to do so.  When I was a kid my mother would never agree to pay the $20 per volume for the 20+ volume set.

Well the other day in Half Price Books I saw something sitting on the shelves above the clearance stuff.  It was a full 29 volume, plus two indexes, and an appendix or some shit!  All 32 books for $40.

be gone batman

But then I saw that it was a 1986 edition.  The ability to own a full Britannica volume from the year I was born?

You know what happened next.


So, needless to say, I bought the Britannica.

I needed three boxes for all of them.

I needed three boxes for all of them.

1986 edition, Yay!

1986 edition, Yay!


Unfortunately now I have to figure out a place to put them.  All my bookcases are full.  I needed to buy a new one anyway, but I was waiting on it.  I’ve got no place to put my purtty books. 😦


Did I Get Hit On? Again…?

I mentioned before that I’m not too solid in the brain when it comes to getting hit on.  Well…I think it’s time to prove that point even further.  I once worked as a security guard at a Condo building.  The place was like 18 floors of condos, although the first two floors were a parking garage, office, and there was a small grocer’s shop attached to the front entrance.  They also had a fitness center and a open lounge (for tenants) on the 3rd floor.

It was actually a pretty nice place to live in, I think.  Of course I was getting paid $10 an hour to work there at the time and the cheapest Condo was $1100 a month.  They’d just decided to cut costs by firing the $30 an hour doorman and hiring an unarmed security guard to lock up the lounge, fitness center, and shop on the weekends.  This caused some confusion because something a lot of people don’t understand is that a doorman and a security guard are not the same thing.  They are actually the opposite of each other:

A Doorman opens doors for people, helps them carry their bags, and is generally supposed to be accommodating and helpful.

A Security Guard keeps doors closed, checks peoples’ bags for stolen merchandise, contraband, and bombs, and is generally supposed to be vigilant at their post.


Back on track, then!

Back on track, then!


But that’s a whole other story…one not nearly as interesting as the one I started telling.  You see during this time I had a couple of chances for some sweet lovin’ that I only realized several years later.  Several years and a wife who thinks everyone who waits on our table is out to sleep with me.  Well okay, there was that one waitress, but that’s a different story.

Anyway the first one was awkward on several levels.  You see this guy ordered some delivery food and when he came down I was at the front desk just wiling away the time (I generally polished my desk three times a night…because the job was reeeaaallly boring).  He introduced himself as ‘Mac’ and I haven’t changed the name because the fact that his name was actually Mac is pretty funny.  Especially when you consider that he was a 5’6” white guy named Mac.

Anyway Mac said that he made a mistake when ordering his sandwich, he got one that was way too big.  He told me that he only wanted a half sub, but he had to order the whole sub because of the delivery minimum.  He offered me half his sandwich, said he had a case of beer we could split, and was about to watch the game.

I told him I was on duty and couldn’t drink.  He then asked me when my shift was over, I told him 2:00am and he promised he’d still be up, and he had the game recorded so he could just rewind it if I wanted to come up then.  I’d be off duty, so the sandwich and beers would be totally cool, then.  I should like to point out that during this conversation it was only 8:00pm.

He wrote his apartment number down and handed it to me, so I’d remember which apartment was his.

Everybody tells me that I could have had my first gay experience if I’d just taken a little stroll up to the eighth floor that night.

Shame I had to wait until that night in Mexican Pris--I mean, never mind.

Shame I had to wait until that night in Mexican Pris–I mean, never mind.

So what do you think?  Are they right?  Was Mac hitting on me?  Do you think he was disappointed that I never came up to his place?  Let me know in the comments.


Did I Get Hit On? Wife Edition!

Unfortunately with Comipo I can’t make perfect reenactments of stories because of resource and space constraints. So here’s the whole story from the last comic.

One day Rich and I decided to hit Sheetz for dinner after work, because we needed gas and didn’t really feel like cooking. We just went in our uniforms (because why the hell would I get changed just to go to Sheetz?) and were waiting for our number to get called.


waiting too long


We both started looking at random stuff, Rich wondered a little bit down a nearby aisle and I was looking at the little refrigerator where they keep the cold sandwiches and such; trying not to drool on the food. And as I was staring at the food a young boy, probably about 15, olive skin, brown eyes, dark spiked up hair and wearing a polo shirt with the buttons undone and a gold chain across his exposed chest, walked up to me and said “Hey, do you know what the weather will be like tomorrow?”


He could have done this and I'd still probably be oblivious.

He could have done this and I’d still probably be oblivious.


And me, the derp that I am, didn’t realize what he was doing at first, so I replied “Sorry, Sweetie I didn’t watch the news today.” At this point Rich has popped his head out of the aisle with a look of “Oh, who’s this, one of your old friends from high school or something?”


who dat


We’re still not sure if he thought if my uniform jacket wasn’t mine, like maybe my dad’s or something and then realized that is was actually mine and that I was too old for him. Or he was afraid of Rich, but soon after Rich popped out he patted me on shoulder and said “Oh, uh thank you.  H-have a good night.”


ouch hawkward


After he walked away I looked at Rich and said “I think he may have been hitting on me.” And we both started to laugh, because we honestly have no idea what he would have followed that up with.  We thought maybe if I said that it would be cold tomorrow he’d say something like “Oh, then I can keep you warm.”  But that’s about all we could come up with.  And then the old jokes started…


at least that's what they told me


After we came up with the theory that he may have realized I was older than he thought, one of the first things out of Rich’s mouth was “I think he wanted you to sand blast his dick with your dusty cunt.” I started laughing so hard I almost fell over.  But then I reminded Rich that he’s older than me and said “Well, you’re so old that you ejaculate dust!”  We were both laughing so hard.  We even freaked out a nearby couple.


"Did you hear what she said, Darling?  I know, dear, just ignore them."

“Did you hear what she said, Darling? I know, dear, just ignore them.”


We could tell because the girl kept clutching the guy she was with harder and they were both slowly moving away from us. It was hilarious!  I’m kinda surprised the Sheetz workers didn’t ask us to leave because we were laughing so hard.


Veteran’s Day 2015

It’s that time again folks.  Time to celebrate the fine folks who put their lives on the line to protect this country.  So while your kids are home from school today you can–oh, right, Veteran’s Day still has school.  Well, regardless, why not gather your kids up (or buddies if you don’t have any kids) and regale them in stories of military exploits.  If not your own, then perhaps somebody else’s?

For those of you who might remember, this past July my Great Grandfather died.  He was a Veteran of World War II.  So this year, instead of just a handful of loose pictures formed into a Photopost, I figured I’d tell you a story he once told me.  The story of how he enlisted in the U.S. Army.

You see my Grandfather was never a wealthy man.  He worked the family farm and also worked in the mines to make ends meet.  One day he went to the bank and deposited his life Savings…$19.

About a week later he was in the store and came upon a realization: He was doing pretty well for himself.  He owned a home, he had money in the bank, and he had a family back home.  So he decided to buy a newspaper.  The front page said something about a big crash, but he didn’t know what kind of vehicle a ‘Stock Market’ was.

That’s right…my Grandfather invested his life savings a week before the stock markets crashed causing the Great Depression to begin.  He lost everything he had saved in the crash, all nineteen dollaridoos.

Needless to say he decided that newspapers were bad news, had nothing but bad news in them.  So a few years passed and he was working in the mines for a dollar a day and then working the farm to try to feed his family.  He heard a rumor that the Army was paying twice that…two dollars a day!

So he drove in town and signed up for a tour of duty with the Army.  He was on the bus down to Basic Training when he got into a conversation with a fellow recruit and said why he had joined.  He was puzzled by the other recruits response, “Wait…you didn’t hear about what happened in Hawaii?”

“Hawaii?  What happened.”

“The Japanese bombed us…we declare war on them in December.  We’re at war.”

Now he was a lucky man in that he made it home unscathed.  From that point on he decided to keep a little bit better track of the news before making any life decisions.


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