Our First Review: A Desperate Mother’s Love

Hey folks, we got our first review on A Desperate Mother’s Love, our submission for the IGMC 2015 contest; written by Jtrev23 which you can find on their website.


A few highlights I’ll rip from it…

A few things made this game stand out however, from the other visual novels I’ve played […]

We don’t exactly fit the mold of a normal visual novel, but that is accurate – we planned for the game to be a story-based interactive fiction.  There is an adventure section where you actually control the detective character (Roy) and move around, examining things, but the rest is mostly arranged in VN style.

This is apparent not only through the stunningly perfect voice acting […]

All that credit goes to our voice cast: Cary Reese, Anna Chloe Moorey, Sarah Dunham, Laura Schafer, and Greg Arnold.

“[…]I would have preferred if the multiple endings had a greater variation in the endings.”

This is a criticism we received for In Over Their Heads, as well, the piece we submitted to the WAG Challenge.  That the ending was too binary and the player’s choice’s didn’t affect it as much as .  Definitely something we’ll have to work on in future titles.  Apparently I went to the Bioware school of writing endings.

In the end Jtrev23 left off with some final words:

“The best visual novel game in RPG Maker I’ve played so far and definitely deserves more votes. Check it out! It’s a good read and great if you love mystery novels.”

So thank you to Jtrev23 for our first review on ADML.


A Desperate Mother’s Love Update 8/30/15

So the contest is still going on and you can still vote on our game and leave us some nifty comments and such.  The game is free to play and you can still find it right here.

You might also notice that it now has it’s own page under the Nic3Ntertainment banner.

That was all I had to say on that.  Enjoy!

Wag Challenge: In Over Their Heads

Remember the game that the Wife kept mentioning all month for why I was so scarce around here?  Well that was the Write A Game Challenge put on by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).  The goal was to make a game in 30 days, that centered on writing.  Only the writing will be judged for the game.  You were supposed to match a theme, too; the theme being “Down The Rabbit Hole”.  The game’s goal was to be 10-20 minutes long.

I dragged out an old game idea I’d toyed with but never been able to make into anything about a 1930’s detective who gets caught up in an occult plot to summon demons and such.  I figured that was a pretty good interpretation of going down the rabbit hole.  The challenge also had three sub-themes that you could try to weave into the story: Mistaken Identity, Empathy, and Birth.  I really didn’t utilize much of the sub-themes, although you could argue the demon summoning could be construed as ‘Birth’.

Anyway, the game is called In Over Their Heads.  It’s about a twenty minute play through, maybe a little less if you find the book quickly in the shop.  It’s got multiple endings and a few interactive choices in its short play time.  It is also free and you can pick it up by clicking on the title picture below.

So if you’re interested in checking it out, give it a shot.