New Samurai Gaiden Channel!

With the new year starting we have decided to create a new Samurai Gaiden channel, specifically for our Samurai Gaiden videos.  You can learn more about the reasoning by watching either, or both, of these two videos:

New Samurai Gaiden Channel


Update on What we’re doing with the old DickJutsu channel:

We hope this will help to be more productive and enjoyable to all our fans!


Happy [Chinese] New Year?

So you may have noticed that we’ve been down for a bit.  We were planning big things for New Years and fell into the death spiral of, “We’ll make the announcement as soon as everything’s ready.”

Well…one thing comes to another and we realize the stuff we’re doing has make the site go down and we’ve not told anyone what’s going on.

So…we are in the process of moving a bunch of stuff over, changing things around, and doing cool new stuff.

So we clearly didn’t get it done time to be a New Years’ thing…so we’ll call it a Chinese New Years’ thing.


Hopefully we’re done before Islamic New Years. (September 21, for those unaware.)

Crawling out of the Abyss

Soooo… I know it’s been quite a while since there was a post, but life has been… different.


Yeah, this seems par for the course.


In the past month or so Rich has gotten a new job, which is great, but it came with a shift change. So we’ve been trying to adjust to a new schedule, which has taken a bigger toll on us than we expected.


nap attack

And the nap always wins.


And along with the new job, Rich has been freelancing a bit, working on a lot of his own projects, and trying to get some stuff going with Amazon Studios. Not counting posts, it’s been a fairly productive month for him, though.



Rich’s first television screenplay: Rakugo Detective! Click it and vote on it with your Amazon account!


And then there’s me…

Working, working, WORKING!!

Working, working, WORKING!!


I, unfortunately, haven’t gotten a new job yet, but there’s some chance that I might be able to get a job at the same company Rich is working for now; which would be great. But, I’ve lost a lot of my hours because my job doesn’t have the same shift as Rich’s new job and they’ve slashed my department’s budget, so I accepted an hour reduction. So while Rich is at work during the week I’m basically a housewife. I do the dishes, laundry, make most of the meals (Rich makes really good steak, so he always makes that), and try to keep things clean and such, which I don’t mind… it just feels kind of weird since I’m not really the housewife type.


no idea cooking cat


I’ve also been helping Rich edit a lot of his work and trying to get it ready to publish.

Also been trying to keep up with my Avon videos and trying to get into a little better shape. I’ve starting working out on my own a few times a week and going to kickboxing once a week with my mom and once a week with Rich, which is really fun.



It’s not a good workout unless you wind up looking like this…covered in half-naked men.


So that’s what’s been going on with us lately. We’ve both been working on some more posts the past few days, so there should a legit post in the coming days.


Thanks for staying with us through all our weird stuff!


Contact Us Form (5/15/16) Notice

The plugin we use for the contact form on the right side needs to be replaced.  We are in the process of fixing it.  Hope to have it all back up soon.


Tekko 2016 Update

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know what we’re up to what with all this quiet!

Ice cream of course; it's warm out again around here.

Ice cream of course; it’s warm out again around here.

I am in the process of editing the panel videos and they should be up somewhere within the week…ish.  I figure in the next few days I will start uploading them, then within a week or two they should all be up. The full written review should be up around that time, as well.

That’s…really all I had to say. Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up on that. Sorry everything’s taking so long.



As you might be able to notice, we’ve undergone a little visual change around here in the past few days.  We’ve switched from the dreary dark colors we adopted a few years ago to the more brightly colored Koi theme.

It’s got an Asian-y feel to it, it’s easier to read, and its more eye-catching.

We haven’t gotten all the kinks worked out, yet, though.  For instance the social media stuff isn’t fully integrated, yet.  I’m an incompetent programmer, I’m lazy, and I have a bunch of writing projects I’m in the middle of.

So yeah, I’ll make another update when everything is running properly.  Or at least as properly as I’ll ever get it running.  If you want, let us know what you think of the new Koi theme, so far.


A Whole Slew of Samurai Gaidens!

Hey folks, by now you probably know of our webseries Samurai Gaiden.  Well we’ve got over ten videos up, including a few of the shorter ‘gaiden’ gaiden videos.  So we made a YouTube Playlist so that you can watch them all without getting interrupted by other people’s videos or even by our own non Samurai Gaiden videos.

Also very soon we will have some transcribed posts to go along with the videos.  We will begin with the first transcribed video (Date Masamune) on January 11th.  From this point on every new Samurai Gaiden will have a transcribed version posted on the site on the first Friday of the month, when the video goes live!

Here’s a link to the playlist:

Hope you all enjoy it and maybe even learn yerselves sumthin’ ’bout them thar Samyoorai!


P.S. Also…have a happy new year.  2016 can’t be any worse than 2015 was, right?  Riiighhhttt? 0_0

Je’Suis Bête!

I just thought I would make a little addendum to yesterday’s post.  I used a tongue-in-cheek joke that several people did not seem to get.

Je’Sui Paris and Je’Sui Humanité mean nothing, because it is spelled wrong.

I was spelling it that way to lambaste the fact that almost everyone on my Facebook feed, the folks I was ripping on in that post, had spelled Je’Suis Paris incorrectly.  The last s in Je’Suis is silent, as is par for the course in French.  As a matter of fact the last s in Paris is supposed to be silent as well.  It would be along the lines of Jah-Swee Pa-Ree.

It turns out nobody got the joke, though, and that makes me look like the idiot, because it just looks like I spelled it wrong.  Which I did, on purpose.  But nobody got it.

Writing comedy is hard.




We’ve Moved!

Welcome to!  I know what you might be thinking…you’ve been coming here for some time already, right?  Well wrong, when you typed into your browser bar, you actually went to our WordPress site.  We have officially moved to our own hosting!  Now you can enjoy all the goodness of without all the things that come with someone else hosting your blog.  Things like…advertising that you can’t control, the inability to make money from your own website, or other people being able to randomly decide you’ve broken an asinine rule and delete your entire account.

BTW, that last thing didn’t happen to us, we’ve left WordPress on good terms.  They were good to us, and they were free; can’t complain.  An acquaintance of ours did have that problem with Tumblr, though.  So maybe stay away from them.

So hopefully you enjoy the new site as much as the old.  Considering the fact that they’re almost identical, I can’t see how you wouldn’t.

If you notice any issues with the site, please feel free to leave a comment letting us know just how piss-poor and miserable of a website builder I am.



Movin’ Along!

Congratulations!  We’re moving on up.  We have officially moved to our own hosting at  If you’re still reading this, that probably means you’re either getting your posts by e-mail and need to go re-subscribe at (which we’re really sorry about, by the way) or you’re direct-linking to WordPress.

If you’re not seeing this, then…well…then we don’t have a problem and you’re getting where you need to be.  You’re also not reading this, so why am I still talking to you?


Either way, head on over to, directly.  Either by typing in to your browser bar, or by clicking one of the many shameless reminders that you were apparently looking for!

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