In Over Their Heads


Roy Schroeder is a down-on-his luck Private Detective. He’s willing to take just about any job! So when a wealthy widow offers to pay him $1,000 to recover her late husband’s stolen journal, he jumps at the chance.

Together with his assistants, the over-educated Angie and the voluptuous lush Vonnie, he must stealthily search an occult bookstore and recover the stolen tome.

But what lies within the mysterious book? What is so important that Mrs. Jefferson is willing to pay a fortune to get it back?

Roy, Angie, and Vonnie have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. They don’t even know that they are….







*Interesting story and characters from 1930s America.

*Multiple endings and Four different branches through the game.

*Short length, only 10-20 minutes per playthrough makes it easy to see all branches and endings.

*Save locations that allow you to easily play through the different branches without watching the opening, again!

*Engaging jazzy music by Eric Matyas from Sound



Produced By:

Written & Created By:
Richard C. Shaffer

Developed using RPGMaker VX Ace v1.02a
Copyright (C) 2011 Enterbrain, Inc. Yoji Ojima

Message Busts Script
by: Galv
Version 1.1

MultiFrame Sprites Script
by: FenixFyreX and Despain

Save Location Override Script
by: Shaz

-Art Department-
Art Assets Provided By:
Pioneer Valley Games

Maps By:
Mimi Huey
Richard C. Shaffer

Busts/Portraits/Sprites Compiled By:
Richard C. Shaffer

Addendum Art By:
Richard C. Shaffer

-Sound Department-
Sound Designer:
Richard C. Shaffer

All Music Composed By:
by Eric Matyas

Tracks Used:
“10 Past Midnight”
“The Jazz Man”
“Still of the Night”
“Another Day in Metropolis”
“Moonlit Streets”
“Walled City of Doom”
“Quiet Tension”
“City Moon”
“The Concrete Bakes”

Custom Sound Effects Used:
“Old Phone Ringtone Poland”
by: blukotek

by: JoelAudio

by: daveincamas

“Car Crash”
by: squareal

by: magedu

All custom sounds provided by

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