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Welcome to the public Portfolio page for Richard C. Shaffer.  Here you will find several (not all) of my published writing pieces, or at least samples therein.  Some are short stories, some are closer to novel-length, some are non-fiction, and many are games I have been a part of.

If you see this and would like to hire me, feel free to use the form on the right side to send me a message or contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn.  If you would like to hire me for an ungodly sum of money, then please continue to stay off your meds until some manner of contract is signed, thanks.

-Journalism/Feature Writing-

Below is a collection of some of my recent publications for various outlets, done in the capacity of a feature writer or journalist. I particularly specialize in gaming and history, but also have experience with world culture, pop culture, and human interest subjects.

Blades in the Dark’s TV series could blow away the D&D film (Dicebreaker.com)

10 Astounding World War 2 Facts You Didn’t Know (whatculture.com)

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Politicians With Truly Staggering Levels Of Pettiness | Cracked.com [Shared Byline]

19 Roles That Were Almost Played By Waay Different Actors | Cracked.com [Shared Byline]

7 ‘What’ Side Stories From Famous Moments In History | Cracked.com [Shared Byline]

-Games Development-

The Sickle Upon Sekigahara (4.99); A visual novel set in the final years of Japan’s Warring States Era. You take on the role of Kobayakawa Hideaki as he becomes the young Commander-in-Chief of the second Japanese invasion of Korea. Hideaki then gets caught up in the political intrigue of the looming Sekigahara Campaign. Two endings, based on the player’s choice at a pivotal moment. Fully voiced by talented actors, with traditionally stylized character portraits and lush backgrounds. Deluxe Edition with Soundtrack and Art Book available on Itch.io for only a dollar more; all versions come with hilarious 18-minute long blooper reel. Regular version available on Steam. [Producer, Narrative Designer]

A Desperate Mother’s Love (Available for Free); part of the Schroeder Detective Agency series of games and a prequel to In Over Their Heads.  Roy must hire two talented young ladies to help him uncover the truth of why a man has kidnapped Ms. Ybarra’s young daughter.  Check out a review here! [Writer, Developer]

In Over Their Heads (Available for Free); first game in the Schroeder Detective Agency series.  Charming young detective Roy Schroeder is hired by creepy Mrs. Jefferson to find her late husband’s supposedly magical book.  Roy gathers his two assistants – the shy bookworm researcher, Angie, and the femme fatale enforcer, Vonnie, to track the book down and recover it.  But when they bring it to Mrs. Jefferson will they find out the hard the way that they’ve gotten…In Over Their Heads?  Check out a Let’s Play of the game by Jupiter Hadley, here[Writer, Developer]

Dynasty Heroes (Available for Free); do you like games like Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Tactics, Sango Fighter, and Tiger Knight?  Do you like the stories of the Three Kingdoms Era of China?  Do you think the only thing that could make them better is if they were in a strangely convoluted Tournament Arc if a parodic universe?  Then you have some seriously niche desires, my friend.  But lucky for you Dynasty Heroes fits just that strange mold.  Available for free on GameJolt where it has surprisingly high scores! [Sole Contributor – Passion Project]

It Always Follows (Available for Free); you get off the bus and are heading home from work. Tired from working such a late shift all you want to do is get home. But wait a moment! Is that something following you?  Yes.  Yes it is definitely following you. When you move…it follows.  It Always Follows… [Sole Contributor – Hobby Project]

Krampus Trivia Challenge (Available for Free); made for the Extra Credits 2018 Holiday Jam with the theme of ‘Present’. You play as a young lad or lass (several ethnicities available to play as) who comes downstairs on Christmas morning to find that the evil Krampus has stolen all your gifts. For every trivia he asks that you get correct, you get one gift back. Try to get all your gifts back before your parents wake up – or at least before you annoy the Krampus and he beats you with a stick. [Writer, Developer, Researcher, Sprite Artist]

Rakugo Detective: Sakuden-san and the Tea Seamstress (Available for Free); made for the Extra Credits Jam #3 with the theme of ‘Cycles’ in under 100 hours.  It is an interactive fiction piece wherein you play as troubled war veteran turned Rakugo comedian, Kuze Sakuden.  Rakugo is the Japanese art of ‘sit down’ comedy, wherein a lone person (Rakugoka) acts out a skit, often quite long, while seated on a cushion with only two props: A paper fan and a cloth handkerchief.  The year is 1650 and your old master Itakura Shigemune is the Magistrate of Kyoto.  Unbeknownst to the common person Lord Itakura also heads up the Shogunate’s secret detective forces and he hires Sakuden to investigate a strange murder that ties a generation back to the famous war hero, and rebel, Sanada Yukimura.  Adapted from a television screenplay also written by yours, truly. [Writer, Developer, Sprite Artist]

Taffy Tales (Free Demo Available): A game about a young man who gets hit by a car and is possessed by a horny malevolent version of himself. [Contract Writer]

-Traditional Publishing-

Escort; a collection of 3 short stories combined by two themes (Intersexuality and Escort Missions) set in three different eras: Mameluke Arabia, Post-3rd Crusade Scotland, and the Edo Period of Japan.  Stories are The Shrine Maiden’s Secret, The Sultana’s Journey, and The Welshman’s Hunt. Click here to watch the Shrine Maiden’s Secret Trailer!

-Short Series-

Greenville City: An erotic story set on a futuristic planet about a recently-retired Space Marine and his new green-haired friends with benefits.

-Short Stories-

Shinja Castle (2010 Samurai Fiction Contest 3rd Place Winner); a demon-hunting monk investigates a village infested with snake demons. [5,195 words]

The Daimyo’s New Armor (2010 Samurai Fiction Contest Entry); a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s story Kejserens nye Klaeder. [4,374 words]

-Unreleased Projects I am Currently Part Of-
Spectrum Seeker: (As writer) Check out the Greenlight page here.

Crimson Tracks: (As narrative, history, and railworks consultant) Currently in development.


The following is a collection of endorsements I have received for various projects I have produced or been part of.


 “YES!!! this is epic.” – Peter Hollens (Musician/YouTube Celebrity)

In Over Their Heads (PC Game)

“First and foremost, congrats on making a polished game within such a limited time frame. We were impressed by your entry[…]” and “You were very close, hope to play more of your games during our next jam or during other jams ;)” – Elise Trinh, Senior Writer Ubisoft Montreal (WAG challenge game jam runner)

“This is a really polished game – the graphics and sounds really create an intriguing mood and atmosphere, it must’ve taken a lot of time to get it right. The characters are interesting, there are some nice choices to make, and overall I really enjoyed the storyline!” – qualifiedbadger (user)

“Quite the interesting game and story!” – Jupiter Hadley (reviewer, Let’s Player)

A Desperate Mother’s Love (PC Game)

“The best visual novel game in RPG Maker I’ve played so far and definitely deserves more votes. Check it out! It’s a good read and great if you love mystery novels.” – jtrev (reviewer)

Escort (Novel)

“Highly recommended by a friend. This book contains interesting action adventures and insight into hermaphrodite sexuality with an unexpected finish!” – Rebecca A. Walker (reader, Amazon)

“This was the first book I’ve read that had interesting, fully formed, realistic intersex characters. Especially as main characters. At first I was skeptical of the three story format, but it was used well to keep the whole piece fresh and interesting.” – Anonymous Reader (B&N website)

Samurai Gaiden (Educational Webseries)

“Brilliant, saw your post on the SA and came here to check it out.” – Hirate Miki (viewer)

All titles, unless listed as published, are working titles.  Everything contained here is copyright Richard C. Shaffer, that’s me by the way, and is assuredly awesome in some context or capacity, I humbly assure you.

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