Samurai Gaiden


Samurai Gaiden is the educational web series hosted by yours truly, Richard C. Shaffer.  Every month I will be discussing interesting stories of the men and women of Sengoku Japan and the events that shaped their lives.

Gaiden is Japanese for short story or anecdote.  An anecdote being a side-story to the main narrative; usually, but not always, humorous.  Since the goal of the series to talk about the lesser-known samurai or lesser-known stories of events and people of that time, we decided to name it Samurai Gaiden.

If you’re interested in the videos you can just click on the logo at the top to head over to our Youtube Channel, or click on one of the pictures below to link you directly to one of our videos.  We’ve highlighted the best ones…or for now, the only ones until we get a larger backlog.

[Currently Under Maintenance]



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  1. MTR74
    Sep 09, 2015 @ 10:53:00

    Brilliant , saw your post on the SA and came here to check it out.


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