Water Main = Broken Opportunity

Talk about a missed opportunity!  For those who don’t follow me on twitter (but want to) you might not know that I’ve recently bought a house.  We moved into it about 4 days ago.  This morning when I arrived home from a very late dinner at about 4:00am I got out of my vehicle to the sound of rushing water.

I quickly realized that the street in front of my next-door neighbor’s house was spraying water about 6 inches into the air and it was creating a river down the hillside and flooding my neighbors.  I immediately called 911 and reported the water main break.

Within 20 minutes firefighters were on the scene and within the hour the water authority was working on a solution.  As I write this I hope that they are finished by the time I get home tonight, because in 90+ degree weather I quickly begin to miss the ability to take a shower.

But back to that missed opportunity.  One the side of my vehicle is a Dickjutsu.com decal sticker.  Unfortunately when the news showed up a few hours later, they filmed their whole segment from behind my vehicle.  So my decal with the url for the site was never shown.

This takes me back to a year ago when I first got the decal and was trying to decide if I wanted to put it on the back window, the right side, or the left side.  I opted for the left side, figuring that on the back only the person right behind me on any given day will see it.  One the right side only people standing by the roadside will see it while I’m driving down the highway.  But on the left side…everyone I pass in the opposing lane will see it!

Well, now I wish I’d gone with the rear window decal, because they sweep my vehicle’s rear window several times in the news report.  Especially since the picture on the local news’ website has the back window of my fiancé’s car in full view…I wish I’d slapped one hers, now, too.

Such a missed opportunity on my part.  I’d be happy to get interviewed about it, though, WTAE.  Wink, wink…nudge, nudge.



By the way: My condolences to my neighbors who flooded out before I discovered the break and called 911.  Sorry I didn’t get home sooner and see it.

Jokes In Poor Taste…Why Must They Be So Funny?

Okay folks, I was watching videos on YouTube and in the comments section of a comedian’s video wherein he made a 9/11 joke, I saw this line of comments.  To save their anonymity, and the trouble of screen-capping such a long conversation, I’ll just summarize it here for you.  Ooo!  I know, we can play a game of it.  Put in the comments how far you made it before you got too worked up and stopped reading, how’s about that?  Sounds fun, right?  Let’s do it…and remember, each comment is in reply to the one before it:

Guys seriously, stop making 9/11 jokes. They’re just plane wrong.

Yeah, and Holocaust jokes aren’t funny, Anne Frankly, I won’t stand for it

Woah, I did Nazi that coming.

At least they’re not rape jokes. To me, all rape jokes just seem forced.

Blind jokes are just as bad. I don’t see the humor in them.

What about deaf ones? I’ve never heard a good one.

All I know is that cripple jokes are terrible. I just can’t stand them.

At least we’re not talking lesbian jokes. Those are for pussies.

Cum on guys, no gay jokes please.

Hey let’s take it slow, we just got over slave jokes. They just don’t seem to work for us anymore.

Dude stop with the slave jokes, I have African-Americans on my family tree…… They’re still hangin’ there.

If I hear another Muslim joke I think I’m gonna explode!

At least you guys aren’t telling Asian jokes, there’s way too many of them.

I would make a joke about sluts, but it would be way too easy.

I was going to make a gay joke, butt fuck it.

I would make a rape joke, but everyone is saying no.

Yeah, but let’s face it! Vagina jokes aren’t funny either, period.

And those pedophile jokes… wow. Talk about immaturity.

No, toilet humor is probably the worst, I mean you get so much shit for that.

Number of jokes that were politically correct?  0.  Number of funny ones…your choice.


BTW, clearly I read them all…because I don’t have PC switch in my brain; I laughed at each one.

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