Paris Attacks. Je’Sui Paris?

Sooo…as I’m sure of you may have heard, a few days ago there were coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris. Half of my Facebook feed the other day was everyone on my friend’s list changing their profile picture to have a French flag over their picture.

Including a bunch of guys who will relentlessly make ‘Frenchies are cowards’ jokes and even a few of the same people who still call them ‘Freedom Fries’ because they’re upset that France didn’t invade Iraq and Afghanistan hard enough with ‘us’.

And then there are my relatives, whom I’ve spoke of before, who post up stupid shit like this:


France has 3.01 gun deaths per 100,000 people. So, with a population of a little over 66 million that would be 1,996 gun deaths per year; 1,545 of which are suicides and only 146 of which are homicides. France also has about 33 accidental discharge deaths every year.

Now, let’s take a look at America.

Now this should be fun.

Now this should be fun.

American has a population of over 322 million people. We also have 10.5 gun deaths per hundred thousand of those people. That equates to 33,812 gun deaths per year; 11,431 of which are homicides by gun, and over 21,500 are suicides. But here’s the fun one…515 are unintentional gun deaths.

So with 515 accidental discharges in the U.S. And 146 murders in France, even if you add in the final death toll of about 130 people killed in the terrorist attack in Paris…

Legal gun ownership in the U.S. accounts for almost double the deaths as gun murders in France. So living in the U.S., where gun ownership is legal, is actually more dangerous than living in France without a gun and being at the mercy of terrorist who own illegal guns.

But let’s play Devil’s advocate. America has a lot higher population, if we cut the population of the U.S. down to France’s level we would still wind up these numbers..

America with a population of 66 million has: 6,963 gun deaths, comprised of 2,354 homicides, 4,443 suicides, and 106 accidental discharges.

Even without terrorists gunning us down, at the same population level, we kill more than 350 of each other more than French people get killed by guns; homicides, suicides, and accidental discharges combined.

When you don’t take into account the population difference than we kill each 9,435 more of each other than French people die to guns, period…all things considered.


But enough about silly gun nuts, let’s get back to France and silly ‘Je’sui Paris’ people. About 130 people died in Paris from that terrorist attack. Already France is in talks, or by now probably committing to, increasing its military operations against ISIS in the Middle East. Islamic Fundamentalists attacked Paris and killed 130 people, so we have to go kill some Muslims back. Presidential Contender Ted Cruz has even said that what we need to do to stop ISIS is start carpet bombing Syrian civilians.

Meanwhile Beirut, Lebanon was hit by suicide bombers who killed 43 and wounded another 200+. Where are your Lebanese flags over your profile?

Oh, right…you don’t actually care about Terrorism unless it’s white people, hmm? Beirut gets hit by suicide bombers and you say, “Meh, Brown people killin’ Brown people, amiright?”

Oh, no you’re not racist, it’s simply the numbers involved. 130 Parisians died, Beirut only suffered 43 casualties.

What about Syria? Around 200 civilians have been killed by Russia in the past month. But nobody cared enough about that to change their profile picture. That’s White people bombing Brown people from a plane, that’s cool.

“But it’s ISIS, we’re fighting, Rich…not Russia.”

Well how about the 10,883 total civilians killed in Syria, many of whom are killed by ISIS, many are also killed by Bashar al-Assad, who until very recently was an ally of the U.S. And a portion of that is civilians killed by America, too.

So while I do sympathize with the dead and wounded, as well of their families, within France. Please excuse me for not dropping everything and draping my house in the colors of France’s flag when there are war torn places suffering much harder and are always forgotten by everyone else.

Je’Sui Paris? Non. Je’Sui Humanité.


Shorty Shorts #13: Thanksmadan?

I was recently reading this article about how Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, an eight-day long Jewish religious celebration, had occurred simultaneously last year.  You see Thanksgiving occurred on the second day of Hannukah in 2013.

The article talked about the pros and cons of such an event.  The main cons are people doing Hanukkah celebrations the following week because their friends have Thanksgiving commitments, or it’s just too much holiday party in one day; those kinds of issues.

The good news is it won’t happen again for over 79,000 years.

But it made me really think about one poor group of people: American Muslims.

An issue, I assure you, more than just a handful of Americans face.

You see, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, requires all adult Muslims to fast, that is not eat or drink, from sunrise to sundown.  The Islamic calendar, or Hijiri, does not match day-for-day to our modern Gregorian Calendar, so Ramadan moves around our calendar from year to year.

What about poor American Muslims who have to deal with Ramadan, the same time as Thanksgiving?  Do they have to wait until sundown to start cooking the meal, or can they cook it during the day and just wait until sunset to eat?

The last time it occurred was 2002, and the next time it should occur would be at least 2034 as far as I understand.

Just something weird to think about.


May Dick of the Month: Yiqiang Wu

Earlier this month we had Veteran’s Day (shut up, I told you I’m behind on the DotM posts) and it just so happens that April’s Dick of the Month probably doesn’t celebrate Veteran’s Day.

On April 11th, exactly 7 months before Veteran’s Day a certain New Yorker, Yiqiang Wu was standing in line behind an unnamed U.S. Army Captain in a Walmart in Albany, NY.  That Army officer was Captain Andrew McClure, a 14-year veteran who served in Iraq.

Captain McClure was checking out and Wu muttered something, Capt. McClure looked at him and asked him if he was talking to the soldier or not, Wu responded by flipping him the bird, when the Captain found it odd he asked if the middle finger display was for him, or someone else.  Wu took this as an opportunity to began yelling insults at the Captain for being a soldier and screamed a few more derisive comments about the U.S. and soldiers in general.  He called “American Scum” and told McClure, “Fuck you, fuck your nation.”

Capt. McClure said, “If you don’t like it here, you can always go home,” and then walked away.  Wu then proceeded to chase after the Captain and punch him repeatedly in the face.

The Captain took the defensive and protected himself without counterattacking Wu and as a result sustained a cut above the eye which was treated by paramedics on the scene and afterward the Captain went home.  Wu, on the other hand, went to jail; where he belongs.

Captain McClure was asked why he didn’t fight back and he said, “I had the presence of mind to know that we’re on camera.”

Security footage seems to show Yiqiang Wu (left) assaulting a man in Army fatigues (right) near the checkout area of an Albany  Walmart store.

Welcome t’ Walmart, get yer shit and get punched in th’ face!

Unfortunately for McClure’s assailant, Wu didn’t seem to have the same presence of mind.  McClure continued, “I’m in uniform and I have to conduct myself as a professional and not do anything that would tarnish or embarrass the unit or the uniform.”

Well, getting your face smashed in by an unarmed Chinese* guy is tarnishing the unit and the uniform a bit, I suppose his restraint is admirable.

Wu was charged with 3rd degree assault and the charge will stand as a hate crime, too.  Wu claims he’s schizophrenic and that’s what caused everything, but that he’s not actually anti-American.

Well Mr. Wu, for assaulting a uniformed Veteran for no discernible reason, you are May’s Dick of the Month.


*Disclaimer: No matter how much I look I can’t find any information about Wu’s citizenship, but given his comments I can guess he’s not a citizen, and Yiqiang is a Chinese name.  Hence my assumption that he is Chinese, I’m not just blankly assuming because he’s Asian-looking.

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