DJ Comic: June Holidays Part 1


Woot!  I finally got it up!

Well, that just got a little dirty.



Photopost: Ralf

I’ve been working a special detail lately, guarding a gas well so nobody can steal the dozens of thousands of dollars worth of copper wire and cable (bidding will begin shortly).  When I showed up for my second week on the job, the foreman informed me that he’d gathered up a stray dog from the area.  I’ve decided to call him Ralf:

Ralf is a Pit Bull mutt of some kind, as you can see.  He was starving in a field by the road, with blisters on his feet pads and a terrible case of mistrusting humans.  Not that I blame him on that last part; I certainly wouldn’t trust a human.

When the foreman fed him it was evident that Ralf wasn’t born a stray.  I proved this later in the night when I pulled out a treat and he calmly stared at me.  I said, “Sit,” and he plopped his butt down on the floor and raised his head.  Clearly he had been someone’s dog before he was a stray.

The scars on his nose and his legs suggest he was abused, which also explains his mistrust of humans.  The fact that he was starving so badly in an area with such abundant natural resources (i.e. edible creatures a dog should have been able to catch) also suggests he wasn’t born a stray, since he had about zero hunter’s instinct.  If he was born a stray, he’d have died a long time ago.

Ralf’s a nice puppy, very gentle and sweet.  I can’t believe anyone would abuse this poor cute dog and then abandon it, leaving it for dead.  Since he’s eating the first real meal he’s had in probably months, his digestive system is trying to cope with a sudden onslaught of food.  What does that mean in layman’s terms?  He’s farting enough that the drillers were able to put a methane-gas detector in the same room as the dog and it went off.  That’s a lot of puppy poots.


Oh yeah! My foot is delicious!


The foreman has decided to take him home, since he and his wife run an impromptu shelter, of sorts.  All their animals were originally strays that one or the other has taken in.  Tomorrow the foreman will pick him back up and take him home to New York where he’ll get him a vet check-up and remove an infected dewclaw.  Then he’ll introduce him to his new family

*Yawn* I's a sleepy puppy.

Good luck Ralf, or whatever you happen to get called tomorrow.


My new comfy bed...I's gonna like this new life.

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