DJ Comic: August Holidays Part 4


Friendship week?  I bet that week could be very magical!

Okay, I wanted to get this up sooner, but I was trying to see if Rich or I could come up with a better joke.  This whole past week neither one of us had a good joke, but before I actually remembered to try find a joke Rich had a ton of good ones that we didn’t write down.  So if you ever come up with good jokes, or anything good for that matter, write it the fuck down!

Rich recently read a bunch of stuff on Japanese poetry, when I told him I needed something written for bad poetry day, he ‘jumped’ at the chance to write this haiku.


DJ Comic: August Holidays Part 3


Do you mean this tree by chance?


DJ Comic: August Holidays Part 2


It really helps to actually remember to schedule the comic to post.  =P


DJ Comic: August Holidays Part 1


Okaaaaay, after a long month of game making… and almost having a heart attack (thanks Norton for making me think it deleted Comipo completely!) back to the comic!

That’s actually how it usually goes a lot now.  I can still ride a lot of amusement park rides and such that Rich (and a lot of other people apparently) can’t.  Which makes going to the amusement park kinda hard sometimes.