DJ Comic: July Holidays Part 4


Yep, I can be shameless too. I still don’t think I’m as bad as Rich though, I’ve have not surpassed the master yet.

Rich can keep his Tapioca pudding!  It’s okay, but I’d much rather have plain vanilla pudding, yum!

Can I tell you guys a secret?  That’s not actually Raspberry cake, it’s Strawberry!  I know, it’s scandalous!  But either way the cake does look really tasty!

Looking at the night sky is always so relaxing for me.


Avon: Campaing 18

Here’s the latest Avon video!


This campaign ends on August 13th, 2014.  So you’d better act fast if you want the stuff I talk about.


Avon Campaign 17

For those who haven’t been following Rich’s inane rants about development complications on Twitter…or in the rough neighborhood around our house where he’s proven he can spout a pretty blasphemous vernacular (he came up with that line, too) then you should know that…well, that Rich is having development complications on getting Dynasty Heroes and Monster ‘out the figurative door’ so to speak.

So here’s another Avon video to keep you company and give you something to help us offset the costs of developing free games.  Yeah, go with that…the more Avon you buy the more free games we can…umm…fail to release?  Okay, so I need to work on my retail skills; cue video!

This week one of my favorite Avon scents, Haiku, is on sale.  So I forced Rich to write a Haiku for me…unfortunately in between all the other work he’s been doing this is what he gave me…

Computers make me

Incredibly angry, and

I want to kill them.




Avon: Campaign 16

Sorry for missing the campaign 15 video and for the campaign 16 being so late.  Most of June was spent helping my husband make two computer games for a contest that unfortunately we missed the deadline for.   So we ended up putting any free time into those games and lost track of time.  Sorry.


Avon: Campaign 14 (Due June-18-2014)

Okay folks, it’s time for another Avon update!  Campaign 14 has a few good deals that I just have to share with you!  These orders are due by June 18, 2014, so hurry if you want anything!


Guess Who Is Selling Avon?

That’s right, folks, the wife has started selling Avon.  She has a website and now she’s utilizing the YouTube channel to hawk her wares.  So if you’re interested in all things Avon, especially if you want to support the site, take a gander and buy some stuff.  Support the site, you ask?  That’s right!  In case you’ve forgotten how the internet works, you can show your support by liking these posts, sharing them, and also by sending me money!!

Just pretend I’m a relative being held captive and the ransom is whatever you’re willing to spend.  Send the money now, or else you might get an ear in the mail.

Uhh, okay I’m making things awkward, now.  If you want actual DickJutsu merchandise, you can click on the anthropomorphic penis on the right side of the screen and buy some clothes or such.  But if you want something without a penis on it, then take a gander at the wife’s site:

Want to know what kind of stuff we’ve got for sale?  Take a look at her new Youtube Video describing some deals…


Thanks for all the support, moral and monetary.

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