Photopost: Superman-Batman, uhh, Yaoi? Maybe?

I never really commented on DC comics doing a total retcon of their entire history and universe.  Well…I still won’t.  Instead I’ve got a two-parter Photopost for you!  Superman enters the Batcave and innocently offers Batman some help with a clothing malfunction.  Here’s the first part…


And stay tuned to the next blog…to see the exciting conclusion to Batman vs. Superman.  The nippley battle of the…aw hell, never mind here’s part two…




P.S. The artist is Adriana Ferguson.

The Terrier Of The Night!

I bought the movie Coraline for my fiancée last year for Christmas, but we’ve never gotten around to watching it (she’s seen it, I hadn’t).  So last night we decided to finally watch it together.

The opening is pretty creepy, as are several parts of the actual movie.  But aside from some of the creepy looking creatures in the movie; the movie itself is pretty good.  Graphically it’s your average claymation experience, but the storyline is kind of interesting.

At one point in the dream-like Otherworld, there are Scottish terriers hanging from a ceiling like winged dog-bats.  As the main character, Coraline, walks underneath them she shines a flashlight up and startles one of the dog-bats, before shutting the flashlight off to hide from them.

From out of nowhere my fiancée suddenly says, “They’re the Terriers of the night.”  A play on the phrase ‘terror of the night’.  I almost had to pause the movie, I started laughing so hard.

Even after the movie was over I still found it funny, even though she didn’t think it would elicit such a guffaw from me.  We started making Batman and Darkwing Duck jokes, talking about what would happen if Batman got a caped crusader dog.

Imagine Bruce Wayne calling Alfred into the Batcave to show him his new invention…

 “What is it, Master Wayne?”

 “It’s a little voice box, so that when the dog speaks it comes out in English!”

I’m a dog!

 “Master Wayne!  Is that your voice coming from the box?”

 “Yes, Alfred, I recorded all the syllables for the machine and now the dog will speak in my voice.”

 “…Master Wayne, I think you have spent too much time down here, alone in the dark.  Why don’t we go back upstairs and fight some crime, hmm?”

 “Good idea, Alfred.  Come Batdog!”

I am the Terrier of the night!


I am the thing that goes woof in the night!


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