Inconsiderate Couponers

I don’t usually mind the crazy couponers too much, I totally understand trying to get the most for your money. And it feels pretty awesome when you can get something you want/need for less than full price or, even better, free. It’s when these couponers are utterly inconsiderate of the people around them that pisses me off. I’ll give an example…

Rich and I went shopping one night, it was around 11 p.m. or so (before the new job change), so we had to go to Market District because it’s open 24 hours. We didn’t get too much – milk, bread, pizza bites, and hand full of other random things. Once we got everything we needed we headed up to the only register open. We ended up behind just one lady, so we thought it wouldn’t take too long…

Scrubs-Wrong Wrong

Boy, were we fucking wrong. As the cashier was trying to finish bagging this lady’s overflowing cart full of groceries (of course no baggers that late at night and this lady didn’t bag a single fucking thing, herself) that’s when she pulls out a WAD of coupons! Not a nice neat stack, a fucking wad! At this point we had already been there for about five minutes or so and I checked my phone for the time, 11:45.


The cashier finished with the wad, occasionally trying to ask about some of the coupons and the lady either not knowing what the coupon was actually for or just “Oh, I definitely had that” or some shit, after five or ten minutes of listening to them babble on I was just trying not strangle this lady. And then the lady pulls out another fucking wad of coupons! Rich and I both look at each other, both of us trying to control the urge to strangle this bitch.

im not saying strangle bitch

And finally, fucking finally, she finishes up. We were behind this lady, this one, single lady, for at least twenty fucking minutes! Remember those pizza bites I mentioned? Totally fucking thawed! So, the lesson to learn from this story is…



Seriously though, if you have a metric shit ton of coupons – first of all – keep them neat. It will make things go so much faster when the cashier isn’t trying to unfold and organize a wad of coupons. Also, if the coupons get too mangled they get hard to scan, which also takes time. Second, if there are other lanes open, and someone gets behind you when you have your metric shit ton of coupons, just give a little heads up. Not that it would have mattered for us, since the store only keeps one register open late at night.