Pope Me So I Know I’m Not Dreaming!

As I’m sure you are aware by now, brutally aware if you are either a) Catholic or b) A News watcher, we have a new Pope.  Well let me rephrase that, since I’m not Catholic.  The Catholic church, as a group, have elected a new pope.  And I use the term elected loosely.  It is held by an election of sorts, but since it is not an open election it is more of an appointment; kind of like the U.S. President.

Nonetheless, he has taken the name Pope Francesco, or Francis as we call the name here in the U.S.  He is a Jesuit, he is 76 years old, his shoe size is…blah, blah, blah…if you have watched the news at all in the past month you already know all of this.

But here’s something you might not, explicitly, know: News stations are apparently run by very mentally challenged individuals.

Go home Map, you're drunk.

Go home Map, you’re drunk.

Does anybody want to list what is wrong with this picture?

No, no, not the fact that the Pope is getting world-wide news attention while many of the people watching that don’t know the Dalai Lama’s real name or even what an Ayatollah is.  Well, I mean that’s not right either, but that’s not the point I’m getting at!

The point is that…whoever made that map wouldn’t be able to find the homes of any of these folks.  The Dalai Lama is from Tibet, that’s on the west side of China, and the Ayatollahs are all over that cute little country called Iran.  The folks who set this map up probably think Tibet is in Australia and Iran is that little country between Germany and France (most people call it Belgium).

You see…this is a proper map of Argentina:

The ocean to the east is Atlantic and the one to the west is Pacific...not Indian.

The ocean to the east is Atlantic and the one to the west is Pacific…not Indian.

The Argentina part can be explained as thus: The country they actually have the dot in is Columbia, which has a city named Argentina.  Except that Argentina, Columbia is located in that mountain range north of the dot.  The Indian Ocean is a little bit closer to India, of course and no one can explain to me how the hell they even got that mixed up.

That picture is from a CBS affiliate in Texas, I am told.  So I just want to remind all you folks…Texas gets to decide what is in your children’s text books all around the country.  That’s the best argument for empowering the federal Education Department to review and print its own text books.



Review: Black Bird, vol. 1-4

I talked about buying Mount&Blade while at a Half Price Books store, but let me now talk about the other things we bought.  Given my occupation I have plenty of time to read, but I have to constantly look up to examine bits of movement on a camera or examine passersby.  That being the case, full-text novels are ill-suited for my job posting.  But graphic novels and comic cooks are perfect!

As such my fiancée and I raided the graphic novel section and came away with some gems.  I got a pair of comic books about a Catholic Kunoichi (female ninja) named Shi, also the title of the comics, which sounded somewhat interesting and each comic was only 50 cents, so I got both of the ones they had of her.

We also picked up a copy of the Witchblade manga and a copy of the giant manga, Clover.  I didn’t have much interest in Clover, and I hesitate to take Withblade to work because it has an almost naked woman on the front covers and I don’t want people to think I’m reading pornography while on duty.

Nonetheless, we also picked up the first four issues of this little manga called Black Bird, by Sakurakoji Kanoko.  At the time I thought it was Yaoi, man-on-man comic book porn, because both of the characters on the front looked like flat-chested women; which is what yaoi men generally look like.

I come to find that it is actually a yaoi-like man, holding on to a sixteen year old girl.  That explains the flat-chestedness…that and she’s wearing a tight kimono which flattens them anyway.

The mixture of sweetness and humor is blended well in Black Bird and I find it speaks deeply to my own relationship with my future wife.  In more ways than I readily admit, actually.

If I could cite one problem with the story it is the main character Misao’s repetitiveness.  She has a tendency to repeat the same things multiple times in soliloquy-style thought bubbles.

But other than that, it is very nice artistically and it has a good story; especially suggestible for romance-buffs.  If you’re looking for nothing but hard-core action, you might be disappointed with Black Bird; then again if you’re looking for mindless action a Steven Seagal movie is probably more your taste than a manga anyway.


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