Decorated Anti-Christ…mas.

Kind of short (and a day and a half late, sorry) so I’ll give you a story about my Christmas Decorating prowess.  Now first let me take notice that I don’t celebrate Christmas.  I exchange gifts with people, because they get me gifts and I won’t let them give me one unless I give them something in return.  Believe me; I would prefer to not exchange gifts…I rarely get anything I want or can use from my fiancé’s grandparents, my own grandparents, or even much of my own extended family.

Add onto that the fact that I never get any leads on what they really want for themselves, I always just get a sheepish giggle and a shrug, “I dunno…what do ya wanna get me?”

I want to get you a hammer which snaps back and hits you in the face every time you swing it!

So needless to say, I never decorate for Christmas.  When I lived with my father we would put up a ‘tree’ the day after Thanksgiving.  It was a 4 inch tall ceramic tree that was painted to look like it was decorated with ornaments.

Now that I live elsewhere, I do even less.  My fiancé has talked about getting a tree, maybe some lights, and all of that fancy unnecessary stuff.  My reply to her was to remind her that I’d be the one putting them up and arranging them…

I rest my case.


Holiday Mail For Heroes Has Ended

Well folks, I hope you got your holiday cards out in time for the Holiday Mail For Heroes program.  December 9th, like I warned, was the deadline.

The wife and I had a bit of trouble trying to find non-religious holiday cards, proving that Rick Perry is full of shit.  Charismatic and funny, but full of shit.  War on Religion my ass, we even found Hanukkah cards but nothing that was just a Happy Holiday card.  We hit four stores to do and eventually ended up in the Thank You/Sympathy card section of Giant Eagle (the local Grocery chain).  We ended up getting a dozen of the same card and shipped them out in a packing envelope, since we only found one that seemed good.

Oh well, maybe we’ll pick some cards up during the year outside of the holidays and keep them in a cabinet waiting for next year’s holiday season to start?

Anyway, hope you got yours in on time.  Have a good holiday season and enjoy some time hiding from with your family.


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