Sex Education in America: My Proposal (Cont.)

Here’s the continuation of Monday’s post…

This is not the way we should be doing it.

2.       The Curriculum

We’re going to discuss this, assuming it’s a perfect world (ha ha!), and the curriculum can be based on a two-year program.

6th Grade

In gender-separated classes over a single 9-week period, students would learn about physical differences with the male and female body.  Male students would learn significantly about male patterns of puberty, and females about their pubescent journeys.  Each class would also learn an abridged form of the opposing gender’s pubescent information.

Females would learn in-depth birth control programs such as birth control pills, IUDs, injections, and abstinence.  They would also learn how to apply a condom to a penis, how to apply a female condom to themselves (something I wish either my fiancé or my own school had taught, because those things don’t come with directions), and how to use a diaphragm and spermicides.  Males would learn a more slightly abridged version of the birth-control info that females are given, but would receive a more in-depth version of condom usage in return.

Both courses would also be taught about pregnancy, including being given a written exam, primarily utilizing story-questions, while a sound clip of a baby crying is played loudly.  The exam won’t be graded as much as it will be used to demonstrate how much it sucks to try to be a student while you’re raising a baby.

The course would also touch on abortions, talking about the different types, including the types that are illegal and the history and causes of abortions.

Finally the course will go into depth about STDs, sexual harassment and peer pressure to have intercourse, and sexuality.  The females will discuss in detail lesbianism and the males will discuss in detail homosexuality; both sides of the spectrum will also be taught details of cross-genderism (M to F and F to M), touching on sexual androgyny.

7th Grade

After a two week-long brush-up on all the things they learned the year prior, the course will begin with sexuality.  Now remember that in 7th Grade the students will be in a co-ed group.  Each class will be shown pictures of the male and female bodies, alone.  They will also be shown a series of couples in sexual positions, including girl-girl couples and guy-guy couples.  Finally they will be shown a series of pictures near the end of multiple persons engaging in intercourse: Such as two men and a woman and two women and a man.

The classes will be taught about proper safe sex practices involving oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse, as well as mutual masturbation.  On top of that, the classes will be instructed in basic practices for performing oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse.

The course would then move on to a more in-depth study of pregnancy and child-birth, including actually showing a birth in-depth.  The course will discuss different types of birth: Natural, Drugless, Underwater, and Cesarean section.  Then the course would return to STDs, abstinence, and birth control.  Finally the course would address abortion one more time: Including showing how abortions are performed, in detail.

3.       The Culmination

Each year would qualify as a quarter credit in Sex Education, with a national graduation requirement of half a credit, not replaceable with any other health or physical education credits.  If you abscond from the course, you don’t get a diploma; simple as that.  Same as if you don’t get 3 math credits in High School, you don’t get a diploma.

Knowledge is power, do we want our children to be powerless over sex?


How do you feel about Sexual Education?

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