DJ Comic: Easter


I guess the Easter Bunny is a real dick to you when you don’t celebrate its holiday.


DJ Comic: March Holidays Extra!


Ha! Revenge is a dish best served in a box!


DJ Comic: November Holidays Part 3


Okay, so I need to work on my ninja skill.

Rich and I aren’t that bad with cooking, but I’m still surprised that something that hasn’t happened to us yet.

I was actually thinking about joining the Marines for little bit.  But I didn’t go through with it because it’s not really what I wanted to do with my life and the Marines isn’t something you can do half hearted.  Kudos though to all the men and women out there that join the Marines.  Ooh-Rah!


DJ Comic: October Holidays Part 5


I’m kinda running out of ideas for unclaimed weeks (if you haven’t already noticed).  So, I’m a tree now.

Rich doesn’t need a holiday to talk about all that stuff.  He can turn any conversation into some sort of history lesson.

Stuffed animals are a lot easier to take care of than real animals.

We didn’t actually carve any pumpkins this year.  A lot of stuff going on and I just wasn’t feeling up to it.

But what about Halloween you say?  How could I forget Halloween you ask?  Oh, just you wait, I could never forget about Halloween.


DJ Comic: October Holidays Part 4


I guess the lack of an idea can give you one too.

Rich really is super sweet.  And no, he didn’t pay me to say that.

That’s my kind of holiday, we didn’t have to do a thing!

Yeah, neither one of us are really good in the kitchen, so we just buy our pumpkin cheesecake.


DJ Comic: October Holidays Part 2


I don’t think I could ever actually work in customer service.  Maybe if I could zap stupid people through the phone…

My first car was an awesome ’92 Toyota Camry.  It was a really nice shade of purple that I had never seen on a car.  It was so nice and ran so well, I miss it so much!  I was at work one day and a coworker saw my car and called it “The Purple People Eater” and I thought it was funny and it just stuck.

Rich and I actually prefer to go to the park or just go for a walk rather than going to the movies or parties or stuff like that.  So that’s really most days for us.

Only Rich could take something so innocent as reading to the children and turn it pervy.  Although, I would hope that Rich wouldn’t try this, but he can be quite shameless…


DJ Comic: October Holidays Part 1


Okay, finally, I got this page up!  I was having a really hard time with this one.  I actually asked Rich for help on this because I really didn’t have any ideas.  This wasn’t originally going to be funny.  I was going to try to be serious for once, but that didn’t work out as planned.  Although the way it turned out kind of works because that’s how we are.  We try to find some humor in everything, good or bad.  It’s how we deal with stuff, we’d rather laugh than cry.  So we make jokes that I’m sure would make most people think that we’re total dickheads, but that’s how we cope with how shitty the world can be sometimes.  Because honestly if I wasn’t laughing most of the time, I would think way too much of all the terrible things that happen in this world and probably not be able to handle that kind of depression.

Sorry for getting all deep there.


DJ Comic: September Holidays Part 5


Yay!  I got my own YouTube channel!

Fall is my all time favorite season.  There are so many reasons why it’s my favorite: Like how it’s so beautiful, all the fall scents and flavors, and of course the holidays!  Oh, yeah, and my birthday is in September, and I guess that’s kind of nice, too… when I remember it.


Neither Rich nor I really like the taste of booze, so the beer part of Oktoberfest doesn’t really appeal to us.  But the food; now that’s something we both love.


DJ Comic: September Holidays Part 4


For anyone who doesn’t remember (like myself, apparently), I got my hair cut recently and totally forgot to change my comic character.  So, yay for eventually remembering stuff!

I wish I could make something that cute.

Arrrr, sounds like it be a fun day, Maties!

Pssht!  How could fruit punch ever possibly be more fun than getting punched?


DJ Comic: September Holidays Part 3


It’s only like two weeks late, but who’s really counting.

If you have any interest in samurai history then you really should check out Samurai Gaiden.  Rich has told me most of these stories probably about a hundred times each, but he still makes it interesting.

Any bigger and you’ll start confusing the teddy bear for a real bear.

The ideas flow like crazy… until you actually need them.

Doesn’t matter what color the kitty is, I’ll still try to pet it.


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