DJ Comic: August Holidays Part 5


Well, at least we started out being kind.

“WEEEE” sums up that panel pretty well, I think.

Yep, that’s a normal day for us.

Does that mean I have to give the puppy back?

If that mouse wins, I need to start running more.


DJ Comic: August Holidays Part 3


Do you mean this tree by chance?


DJ Comic: August Holidays Part 2


It really helps to actually remember to schedule the comic to post.  =P


DJ Comic: August Holidays Part 1


Okaaaaay, after a long month of game making… and almost having a heart attack (thanks Norton for making me think it deleted Comipo completely!) back to the comic!

That’s actually how it usually goes a lot now.  I can still ride a lot of amusement park rides and such that Rich (and a lot of other people apparently) can’t.  Which makes going to the amusement park kinda hard sometimes.


DJ Comic: July Holidays Part 4


Yep, I can be shameless too. I still don’t think I’m as bad as Rich though, I’ve have not surpassed the master yet.

Rich can keep his Tapioca pudding!  It’s okay, but I’d much rather have plain vanilla pudding, yum!

Can I tell you guys a secret?  That’s not actually Raspberry cake, it’s Strawberry!  I know, it’s scandalous!  But either way the cake does look really tasty!

Looking at the night sky is always so relaxing for me.


DJ Comic: July Holidays Part 2


If you haven’t played Dynasty Heroes yet, you should give it a try.  If you like Romance of the Three Kingdoms, you’ll probably get more of the jokes than I did.  Even with Rich turning every conversation into some kind of Asian history lecture, I still don’t remember all this stuff.

As a kid I loved iced oatmeal raisin cookies, and I still do!  But sometimes they are so hard to find!  I can find oatmeal raisin cookies pretty easy, but the iced ones always seem to elude me somehow.  And unfortunately the last time I actually managed to find them, they were hard as rocks!  I was so disappointed!

Didn’t actually get to watch any fireworks on the 4th, but I was with the hubby so it was still a good holiday!


DJ Comic: July Holidays Part 1



It would be absolutely amazing if any one of the three stories from Escort got made into a movie.  If anyone has read Escort already, who do you think should play which characters?


DJ Comic: June Holidays Part 4



Sorry, it’s late, as usual.  There’s a few things that I wanted to mention with this comic.  First, if you don’t know what Ramadan is, it’s a Muslim holiday that lasts about a month.  It starts on the crescent moon and ends on the crescent moon.  During that time you can’t eat or drink anything from sun up to sun down, unless you are unable to safely fast.  This is just one of many reason I’m not a religious person.  I like food way too much, not to mention I get really bad hunger headaches.  But kudos to those that can handle doing stuff like this, because I know couldn’t.

Second, I’m sure some of you have noticed that I often switch between starting at the left side and the right side.  It’s a habit I have due to reading a lot of manga, which reads right to left.  I even read one of those eye charts right to left, one day.  The doctor wasn’t too surprised so I’m assuming it’s not a super rare thing to happen, which made me feel a little less silly.


DJ Comic: Introducing Molly!


Since Rich is so busy with the WAG Challenge I’m trying to get more comics up.


DJ Comic: June Holidays Part 2


Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  We’re participating in the WAG Challenge this month.  It’s a game jam aimed at writers.


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