No Longer The *Silent* Majority!

I was recently watching CNN news at work (the only channel the lobby gets) and they had a segment on the three American students who were arrested during the protests in Egypt’s Tahrir Square.  When they spoke about the Egyptian protestors as a whole they referred to the people staying at home and offering moral support to the cause as, “The silent majority”.

That made me start thinking of the Occupy Movement here in the U.S.  We have a few thousand people in every major city in the country camping out and protesting, getting beaten and shot at by police who are trying to maintain the peace.  Hundreds of people are getting arrested for merely using their First Amendment rights.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Then we have Barack Obama stand up and talk about how cruel the Arab nations are for shooting innocent civilians in Syria.  You know…innocent civilians who were wielding assault rifles, Molotov cocktails, and stolen artillery against the Syrian army.

Talk about hypocritical!

You know what we need here in America; the nation of the quiet majority and the loudmouthed minority?  We need a loud majority to tell the wealthy, powerful minority that they don’t control the country anymore.

Congress has failed, the president has failed, and the constitution has failed.  To give an example of the constitution’s failure, let’s look at the text I just quoted above:

Congress shall make no law…” It doesn’t say that the government can’t force you to shut up, can’t shut down your newspaper or radio/television station, can’t ignore your petition, can’t stop you from peacefully assembling.  It says they can’t make a law stating you can’t.

The police are not Congress, the Mayor is not congress, the President is not congress.  The police can mace you for assembling, that’s not a violation of the first amendment.  The Mayor can order the police to fire upon unarmed civilians, that’s not a violation of the first amendment.  The President can create an executive order stating that no more than fifty people can be in any public park at any time between the hours of noon and 4 am; that’s still not a violation of the first amendment.  Hell the President can declare Islam an illegal religion, via Executive Order, and not be violating the constitution’s goofy wording of the first amendment.  Round up all the Muslims, they’re gettin’ life sentences; it’s the American Inquisition!  Ooo, you know what else he could do?  He declare Judaism illegal, too.  We could round them up and put them in special Jew prison camps where we force them to do manual labor, until they get too sick or old, then we can–

No, wait…I think somebody already tried that.  I’m sure it didn’t work, right?

Buchenwald; Nazi Concentration Camp

That’s all true…and it’s all bullshit.  Bullshit in that it shouldn’t be true, but plainly is.  Don’t belive me?  We’ve done it before, about the same time as those other guys in Europe.

California, USA

Welcome to California, circa 1942.


We need to restart the country.  Think of the nation as a giant video game…it’s on the fritz and you need to hit the Reset Button and start over if you want to keep playing.

If people would rise to the occasion and join the occupy movement with the same fervor they have during the Black Friday sales we’d be talking about the glorious Second American Revolution in textbooks in ten years.  A populist revolt to bring an equal democracy to the states.

We talk about democracy like we are one; it’s not even our chosen type of governance, we’re a Republic.  We need to get rid of the plutocracy we are currently living in and replace it with a real democratic republic.

Here’s a few good ideas…

-Make lobbying illegal, no person or organization can donate more than $10 to any candidate in any election.  No more corporations buying our congressmen and presidents.

-Make it illegal to run for another office if you are currently serving in an elected capacity.  No more Senators running for President after 6 months on the job and skipping 90% of the votes in the process.  If you are a Senator and you want to become President, you have to resign as Senator before you can declare a run for office or begin campaigning.

-Congress will be in session during normal working hours.  Congress meets and discusses things at 9 am and leaves at 5 pm, I’m willing to allow them a paid hour lunch every day.  Congress will meet on Monday and Friday and they will have Tuesday through Thursday to be at their office or meet with any congressional committees they are part of.  No more of this bullshit where kids go to High School for more days than Congress is in session each year.  When Congress’ work year is shorter than your kids’ summer vacation, it’s time to get a new congress.

-Voting machines will no longer allow people to vote based on political affiliation.  As a matter of fact, the names of the candidates will be displayed, but not their political party.  If you don’t know your chosen candidate’s name and only know what party you want to vote for…you aren’t educated in the current politics enough to vote, as far as I’m concerned.

-We remove the power and authority for Congress to vote on its own pay raises.  Congressional pay raises will now be mandated by popular vote.  Over 51% of the nation’s registered voters must authorize Congress’ yearly pay rise, and the pay rise may not be more than 3% in any given year where a pay rise was issued the year prior.

 Of course an even better idea would be…disband the House of Representatives.  Each state gets two votes in the Senate, that’s enough.  We don’t give Texas or California bigger stars on the flag because they have more people, why should we give them more votes in Congress?

After we disband the House of Representatives, we can rewrite the constitution with modern-day language so that we don’t have to worry about goofy wording anymore.

Does the second amendment mean you can own any gun you can imagine?  Well we’ll right it how we want it in the Federated States of America.  Is abortion legal?  Is burning the flag against the law?  Is yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater arrest-worthy?  Can the military arrest civilians and hold them in a military tribunal instead of civil courts?

Entirely up to us: The people, the democratic voters of the new government.

All we need to do is get rid of the old bastards that the corporations put in place and create a newer, fairer, governmental organization.  Look at how much we’d save if we did it…


That spreadsheet says it all, actually it doesn’t.  That’s not including a lot of things that the House costs us, that’s just base salary and their upkeep allotment to rent office space, hire a staff of around 22 people (none of them can be paid more than about $160,000 per person), postage, and travel fees.  So just salary and tax-funded expenses equals over 600 million dollars.

The Super Committe was supposed to come with $1.2 trillion in cuts and they couldn’t do it.  I’ve got an idea on how to come up with a decent-sized chunk of it!