Boston Strong-armed

I know I’ve been rather silent lately; you can blame two things on it.  Firstly this bit of news, wherein I talk about my new promotion and the elephant in the room: The Boston Bombing.

I had a pretty funny story scheduled to show up on the morning after the Boston Bombing; it didn’t seem like the time, so it will appear eventually (it wasn’t a topical discussion, so it is not time-sensitive).

Well, yesterday I realized how long it had been since my last update and decided, “I run a site called Dick Jutsu…I’m bound to piss someone off!”

So here’s a full score of my rambunctious ramblings; all about the Boston Bombing.  Some of it is funny, some of it is angry; mostly all of it is tragic.

Czech Your Facts!

When the Tsarnaev brothers were first discovered to be the culprits and it was announced that they were from Chechnya, a lot of people got confused with Chechnya (a Muslim-filled area of Southern Russia near Georgia) and Czechoslovakia (a country that doesn’t exist anymore, no known as the Czech Republic).

Close enough.  They're only the entire width of the U.S. apart from each other.

Close enough. They’re only the entire width of the U.S. apart from each other.

This blog called Public Shaming has a tragically hilarious amount of tweets, Facebook posts, and other shit from these kinds of idiots.  Not to mention the ruler of the Czech Republic even had to get it on the re-education of idiots.

White Sand Niggers!

First of all…this is a phenomenon I first really started seeing become prevalent after 9/11: Calling Middle Easterners the racist epithet Sand Niggers.  Totally ignoring the fact that Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan are three totally different ethnicities (Afghans are a Persian ethnicity mostly Pashto, Iraqi are an Arab ethnicity, and Pakistani people are actually of a mixture of Indian and Persian as far as I understand it).

So our idiotic racists call them Sand Niggers, because they live in the vast deserts of the Middle East (except that Pakistan, Osama bin-Laden’s isn’t technically in the Middle East).  ‘Cause after all, it’s not like United States has anyone living in deserts.  And for those who don’t understand my sarcasm, feel free to visit…



...New Mexico...

…New Mexico…






So…if we ignore the inherent, and incoherent, racism of the statement we can get to even more stupidity.  Because the Tsarnaev brothers are Chechnyan.  Chechnya is a region of Russia right along the Caucasus.  In case that word sounds familiar, it is the reason why white folks are known as Caucasian, because white folks crawled out of the primordial fuckin’ ooze in the Caucasus area.  In other words: It doesn’t get any whiter than Chechnyans.

Terrorist Is Not A Race!

One of my workers is a fundamentalist Christians.  The day they announced who the bombers were and got some info about them, we were working together.  Earlier in the day we had been talking to one of the janitorial staff about bombings in American and she had talked about Eric Rudolph’s bombing of the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics.

Keep in mind that the ’96 Olympics bombing was performed by a Christian fundamentalist who killed and injured numerous innocent people because they felt the America (a country with constitutional protections against creating religious laws) was not following proper Christian law and needed to be show the error of its ways.

So just hours earlier we were talking about a bombing carried out by a Christian fundamentalist.  Then when the Tsarnaev brothers were announced and talked about, she has the idiotic gall to say these words:

“Muslims?  I knew they were, they always are.”

Technically there have been thousands of cases of Christian terrorism in the United States, compared to a dozen or so Muslim cases of terrorism.  Timothy McVeigh could be considered a Christian terrorist, although his motivations were admittedly more political than overtly religious.  But the Ku Klux Klan is steeped in Protestant Christian ideology (albeit very bastardized) and even killed other Christians (mostly Catholics) because they felt their breed of Christianity was more pure and unadulterated compared to Catholics; not to mention all the Jews and also-Christian Blacks they killed.

Yeah, those terrible Muslims who commit all these atrocities. For sooth, what ever will we do about them? /end sarcasm.

So remember, it’s perfectly acceptable to hate the Tsarnaev brothers for what they did.  They killed, injured, and permanently maimed a lot of innocent people who had nothing to do with them.  Hate them, loathe them, despise them; perfectly fine.  But don’t hate an entire race of people, especially if they’re a different race than the Tsarnaevs, or an entire religion just because a few bad apples did something horrible.