Guess Who Is Selling Avon?

That’s right, folks, the wife has started selling Avon.  She has a website and now she’s utilizing the YouTube channel to hawk her wares.  So if you’re interested in all things Avon, especially if you want to support the site, take a gander and buy some stuff.  Support the site, you ask?  That’s right!  In case you’ve forgotten how the internet works, you can show your support by liking these posts, sharing them, and also by sending me money!!

Just pretend I’m a relative being held captive and the ransom is whatever you’re willing to spend.  Send the money now, or else you might get an ear in the mail.

Uhh, okay I’m making things awkward, now.  If you want actual DickJutsu merchandise, you can click on the anthropomorphic penis on the right side of the screen and buy some clothes or such.  But if you want something without a penis on it, then take a gander at the wife’s site:

Want to know what kind of stuff we’ve got for sale?  Take a look at her new Youtube Video describing some deals…


Thanks for all the support, moral and monetary.

The Pitfalls of Anthro-Penises

One of the major pitfalls to using an anthropomorphic penis as your site mascot is that it makes marketing nearly impossible.  Any ads that use Dick Lee require NSFW (Not Safe For Work) permission from the website we’re advertising on, at minimum.  A lot of web-marketing companies will only let me use Dick Lee in ads on Porn sites.

Likewise, even our web ads that don’t use a picture of Dick Lee have the pitfall that, since he’s on the front page, we need to register the site as NSFW, minimum.  Some places even want us to register as a porn site, ourselves.

Now, for those of you who are regular viewers (yes, both of you), you might notice that we are not usually a NSFW work site, save for the cartoon penis.  So this hampers our ability to market, since the people looking for porn and NSFW material are generally disappointed with what they find here.

As a matter of fact, remember that we’ve been operating since 2009, and 2013 was the first year that a post with the word Yaoi in it wasn’t our most-viewed page since said post was put up.  And it was still #3 on the list last year.

Yaoi being man-on-man cartoon pornography. which this site is abysmally absent from having for those people.  So that means, if views on that one post account for 30% of our daily views, that’s 30% of our viewers who have no actual interest in what’s going on here.

But lo and behold…a Reddit post where somebody talks about receiving a picture of Dick Lee on a receipt wherein they requested, “[…]include a picture of quick sketch of a anthropomorphic penis engaged in an activity on the receipt.[sic]”

Think I should charge Amazon royalties?

So suddenly, in a day’s time, my views grow by over 1,000 percent!

So thank you to the reddit viewers who stopped by to see my penis.


Wait…well, that sounded dirty.  Maybe we should register as NSFW, after all.

Introducing: Dick Lee

Recently I commissioned one of my favorite artists to design and draw our new site mascot.  Her name’s Kim Samson and she drew my first anniversary gift to my fiancé.  It was a great picture and was for a really nice price.

Needless to say when I thought of getting a mascot drawn, Kim was the first name on my list.  She’s got great prices, does a great job, and is willing to draw naked things.  The perfect artist for a commission that read something to the effect of, “I need you to draw an anthropomorphic penis in a karate gi.”

Here he is…

Dick Lee

I shall name him: Dick Lee

Such a great job, I was amazed when she sent me the finished version.  I was amazed at the sketch and the first color copy, too, actually.

If you want to see more of Kim’s work, I highly suggest giving her website,, a gander.  She also draws a webcomic, Maq #041.

I’ve known of Kim for about 5 years, if not more, and I think I’ve been reading the comic since Chapter 2.  I finally met Kim, in person, about two years ago at Pittsburgh’s Tekkoshocon anime convention.  She’s a bright young lady full of vigor to match her artistic capabilities.

Here’s a funny anecdote involving Kim (and proving I’m weak in conversational transitions):

Last year at Tekkoshocon she had a bunch of artwork that she was selling, as usual, but they were pieces she was phasing out.  This would be the last time to buy them.  So my fiancé and I jumped at the chance to pick up some discontinued merchandise.

We bought a picture of Rock Lee (from the anime Naruto) in Orioke no Jutsu/Sexy Technique form, a cool mermaid picture, one of her drunken sailor moon pictures, and a trio of zodiac stickers.  The mermaid and sailor moon pictures were 5x7s and the stickers were small, but the Rock Lee pic was a full-size 8.5×11.  We spent the rest of the day at the convention, had fun, drove home around 2 in the morning.  Went back to the convention for a few hours the next day and roamed through the last few panels we were interested in, then went home.  We were home for about an hour that day before we both looked at each other and groaned, “Why didn’t we get Kim to personally autograph everything for us?”

So I have since warned Kim that she’ll be glomped with sharpies if she dares to come back to Tekko this coming year.

Anyway, I highly suggest considering Kim if you want some artwork done.  And keep in mind, as great as Dick Lee is…it’s only half as good as the picture she made for my anniversary gift to my fiancé last year.  So she can actually make even cooler stuff than that.