The Pitfalls of Anthro-Penises

One of the major pitfalls to using an anthropomorphic penis as your site mascot is that it makes marketing nearly impossible.  Any ads that use Dick Lee require NSFW (Not Safe For Work) permission from the website we’re advertising on, at minimum.  A lot of web-marketing companies will only let me use Dick Lee in ads on Porn sites.

Likewise, even our web ads that don’t use a picture of Dick Lee have the pitfall that, since he’s on the front page, we need to register the site as NSFW, minimum.  Some places even want us to register as a porn site, ourselves.

Now, for those of you who are regular viewers (yes, both of you), you might notice that we are not usually a NSFW work site, save for the cartoon penis.  So this hampers our ability to market, since the people looking for porn and NSFW material are generally disappointed with what they find here.

As a matter of fact, remember that we’ve been operating since 2009, and 2013 was the first year that a post with the word Yaoi in it wasn’t our most-viewed page since said post was put up.  And it was still #3 on the list last year.

Yaoi being man-on-man cartoon pornography. which this site is abysmally absent from having for those people.  So that means, if views on that one post account for 30% of our daily views, that’s 30% of our viewers who have no actual interest in what’s going on here.

But lo and behold…a Reddit post where somebody talks about receiving a picture of Dick Lee on a receipt wherein they requested, “[…]include a picture of quick sketch of a anthropomorphic penis engaged in an activity on the receipt.[sic]”

Think I should charge Amazon royalties?

So suddenly, in a day’s time, my views grow by over 1,000 percent!

So thank you to the reddit viewers who stopped by to see my penis.


Wait…well, that sounded dirty.  Maybe we should register as NSFW, after all.