Shorty Shorts #9

Today the facility I work at had a little get-together of some kind and one of the things they had was a “Jelly Bean Guessing” contest.  I saw that and found myself thinking very strange thoughts.  Just what the hell was a Jelly Bean Guessing contest?

Is that like…“Put on this blindfold and I’m going to stick something in your mouth, you guess whether it was a Jellybean or not!”?

Or maybe…“Eat this Jellybean and try to guess what flavor it is!”?

I was all the way down the hall from the flyer I was reading before it struck me just what the contest was…


I’m guessing 9 jellybeans are in the jar.  But maybe that’s wishful thinking, because I am apparently very hungry for Jellybeans and want to eat the rest of them; so I’m going to guess that I would leave about 9 of them in the jar if I could get my hands on it.

This also reminds me of when I was about six years old and the local K-Mart store had a huge Lego mini-fig (as the little Lego People are technically called) made entirely from regular Legos.  If you guessed the correct amount of Legos used to make the giant demonstration Lego man, you got about a thousand dollars worth of Lego merchandise, if I remember correctly.

With my first-grade education I was poised to take the challenge!  I examined the Lego Man from all sides and guessed it was a lot, so my go-to number for ‘a lot’ was One Million.  Little did I realize at the time I was secretly writing lines for Dr. Evil without knowing it.

"One Meelion Legos!"

“One Meelion Legos!”

I decided, “No…a million would probably fill this whole department of the store.  Gotta be smaller than that, but still a lot.”

I thought and pondered, my mother urging me to just write a random number down (it didn’t matter, she told me, I was going to get it wrong anyway); but she didn’t understand just how much Lego swag I was about to win!

I chose 10,000 (actually I think I chose some very specific number, like 10,137, but I don’t recall the exact number).  I submitted my slip figuring that I was probably not spot-on (low self-esteem) but that I was probably pretty close (naivety).

The actual number was like 75,000 Legos.  Maybe I should have, instead, guessed how many Legos I would leave behind if they let me get my hands on the statue?



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