Does Anyone Remember What This Site Is About?

Like I mentioned a few days ago when I was fangirling about Peter Hollens after going so long without an update…

Uhh...I totally meant to say fan 'boy' of course.

Uhh…I totally meant to say fan ‘boy’ of course.

..right, so, as I was saying…I mentioned writing a new piece.  Well, unfortunately for you sorry sods you might be able expect some more updates from me soon, because I just finished it today.  Round ‘abouts 20,000 words, it is to be a companion piece to my earlier story The Shrine Maiden’s Secret.  It is tentatively called The Sultana’s Mission.  Together the two short stories are planned to be published as a double-feature novella that I’ve tentatively (I like that word, don’t I?) named Escort.

Tentatively, like a contemplative tentacle, right?

I can’t really give much more information right now, because I’m beginning the first phase of the editing and ‘re-writes’ for The Sultana’s Mission, but hopefully within a few months I’ll be formally published.

Which reminds me…does anyone remember that this site was supposed to be a marketing platform for my writing?  Yeah, so I might finally be using it for it’s intended purpose, which is pretty awesome.


You realize this is the first time I’ve used the Writing category on this site in over 2 years?  I am so bad at blogging… Z_Z