DJ Comic: February Holidays Part 3


NEVER MESS WITH SOMEONE’S YAOI!  It’s just not polite.

Yeah, right now I’d much rather have rain than snow.  I can’t wait for spring!

WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN THAT’S NOT HOW YOU MAKE FRIENDS?  Although if that is case, that would explain why I don’t have many friends.


DJ Comic: February Holidays Part 1


Even if Rich and I ever do have a “legit” wedding ceremony it would definitely not happen in February.  Even with an inside wedding you still have to deal with traveling to wherever the wedding is in shitty weather.  Well at least where Rich and I live.  But I assume most people probably want a February wedding because of Valentine’s Day, which I find to be kinda silly, but hey whatever floats your goat.


Of course with how February weather is going right now it might not actually be too bad.  The past few days have felt more like a mild autumn day than winter.