DJ Comic: March Holidays Part 3


Sometimes you forget how fun it is to blow and pop bubbles.  Or just blow the bubbles and then watch them float away; it’s very relaxing.

On the rare occasion that I do need my middle name I have to look at my driver’s license.

I can’t wait to start planting my own garden!



I saw a report that parent watchdog groups are upset about the Teleflora ad because the woman in it (Adrianna Lima) is wearing a low-cut, sexy dress and stockings.  The same kind of outfit that many women wear out on a Friday night, and less skimpy than many teenage girls wear to school every day.

Now, people are right to hate that commercial.  But it has nothing to with her outfit.  It’s the commercial’s message, which says: “Men; if you give a woman flowers, she will have sex with you.”

Happy Valentines, ladies…teleflora just obligated to put out for a $30 bouquet.  As long as he’s got flowers he doesn’t even have to buy you dinner, just walk up to a stranger’s door, hand her some flowers, and she’ll spread her legs.

Behold the power of flowers!

Didn’t see the commercial?  Don’t believe me?  Here you go…

Teleflora?  They might as well just call their company

Sidenote: is not a real site, thankfully.

Nothing like putting women back a few hundred years just so you can get a nice bouquet that will die two days after Valentine’s Day.

My fiance always yells at me when I bring home flowers, she prefers for me to bring home potted plants.  At least that way they survive the week (although admittedly not much longer, just between us).