Avon Campaign 2, 2014

As weird as it seems that Campaigns 1 and 2 are still 2014, here’s the new Avon video!  Why not use some of your Christmas cash to buy something neat for yourself?


Avon: Campaign #1, 2014

Last chance to get Avon for Christmas!  Orders due by Monday the 15th this time!


No, seriously, the next order won’t ship until after Christmas is over.

Avon: Campaign 26, 2014

Hey, everyone!

I know it’s been longer than it should have been, but we took a pretty good computer virus to the nutsack (and by nutsack I mean hard drive, of course…also a scrotum) and I’ve been pretty busy working on a new project that I hope to have some good news about in the coming weeks.

Anyway, Mimi made a video for Campaign #26.  Orders are due in by December 3rd, 2014!


Avon: Campaign 16

Sorry for missing the campaign 15 video and for the campaign 16 being so late.  Most of June was spent helping my husband make two computer games for a contest that unfortunately we missed the deadline for.   So we ended up putting any free time into those games and lost track of time.  Sorry.



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