A Wild Trailer Appears!

I made a pretty rough version of a trailer for Monster: Director’s Cut.  And I figured that since I haven’t said much about it on the site, here, (been talking about it pretty regularly on our Facebook page) I’d put the trailer up here.

Basically it is the original game, Monster.  But it’s going to be fully voiced, the combat system will have a few adjustments, and we’re planning to put Developer’s Commentary into it, in case you’ve ever been curious as to what we do.

So, without further ado…here’s the trailer:


Photopost: Gaming Related

Since it’s Friday and I’ve been shirking lately, here’s a slew of pictures of a relatively unpolitical nature.  Relatively…


I’ve been away from my gaming roots for too long, so here’s some gaming photos.

Where’s the obnoxious dog?

Ladies, if you have trouble with your man in the foreplay arena try this shirt on for size and see how quickly he gets a grip on things.

I call next!

I’ll admit I’ve never played any of the Pokemon games, myself.  But if you can get over the children’s cartoon and actually look at the premise of the games, it doesn’t sound so bad.  Think about it.  Pokemon is a game about enslaving monsters and forcing them to fight to the death in your name…

Suddenly sounds cool, right?

The epic battle between gamer child and non-gamer parent!

You’ve no idea how many times I tried to get this through my own mother’s head as a child…err, a teen…err, okay she still doesn’t get it.

And in honor of the somewhat recent release of the latest Mortal Kombat game…