No Priced Books?

So last weekend Rich and I were out and about in Robinson and decided to stop at Half Priced Books. Why, you ask? Well, that’s a silly question, it’s easy, you can never have too many books!




So we made our way to Half Priced Books, giddy and excited about the possibility of finding new tomes filled with enlightenment. And maybe some yaoi manga, too.


Who doesn't dance at the thought of new yaoi.... I mean new books. Yeah, totally was gonna say new books.

Who doesn’t dance at the thought of new yaoi books. Yeah, totally was gonna say new books.


So you can imagine our despair when we noticed that the big Half Priced Books sign had been removed from the building. When we parked and got out, we saw that there was a note on the door stating that they had closed on September 3rd. Everything inside was packed up in boxes.  It was a sad, sad day.



We didn’t think it was possible to be sadder than a sad Ross.