Shorty Shorts #13: Thanksmadan?

I was recently reading this article about how Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, an eight-day long Jewish religious celebration, had occurred simultaneously last year.  You see Thanksgiving occurred on the second day of Hannukah in 2013.

The article talked about the pros and cons of such an event.  The main cons are people doing Hanukkah celebrations the following week because their friends have Thanksgiving commitments, or it’s just too much holiday party in one day; those kinds of issues.

The good news is it won’t happen again for over 79,000 years.

But it made me really think about one poor group of people: American Muslims.

An issue, I assure you, more than just a handful of Americans face.

You see, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, requires all adult Muslims to fast, that is not eat or drink, from sunrise to sundown.  The Islamic calendar, or Hijiri, does not match day-for-day to our modern Gregorian Calendar, so Ramadan moves around our calendar from year to year.

What about poor American Muslims who have to deal with Ramadan, the same time as Thanksgiving?  Do they have to wait until sundown to start cooking the meal, or can they cook it during the day and just wait until sunset to eat?

The last time it occurred was 2002, and the next time it should occur would be at least 2034 as far as I understand.

Just something weird to think about.


Holiday Mail For Heroes Has Ended

Well folks, I hope you got your holiday cards out in time for the Holiday Mail For Heroes program.  December 9th, like I warned, was the deadline.

The wife and I had a bit of trouble trying to find non-religious holiday cards, proving that Rick Perry is full of shit.  Charismatic and funny, but full of shit.  War on Religion my ass, we even found Hanukkah cards but nothing that was just a Happy Holiday card.  We hit four stores to do and eventually ended up in the Thank You/Sympathy card section of Giant Eagle (the local Grocery chain).  We ended up getting a dozen of the same card and shipped them out in a packing envelope, since we only found one that seemed good.

Oh well, maybe we’ll pick some cards up during the year outside of the holidays and keep them in a cabinet waiting for next year’s holiday season to start?

Anyway, hope you got yours in on time.  Have a good holiday season and enjoy some time hiding from with your family.


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