Memorial Day, 2013

In honor of Memorial Day I’ve decided to work a double shift.  Nothing says I am honored to have men and women willing to fight and die for my freedom to complain about their bosses without being shot, like working 16 hours straight on 5 hours of sleep.

Of course, it’s all automatic time and a half because it’s a holiday.

So to share in my personal good tidings, on such a morbid day to honor the deaths of those in our armed forces…I’ve got some funny pictures and a cute anecdote.  First the pictures…

Unfortunately this seems to be the case in 'Murica.

Unfortunately this seems to be the case in ‘Murica.

Where can I get gas for $1.69?

Where can I get gas for $1.64?

Future Repulbicans!  Gotta love the li'l rascals!

Future Repulbicans! Gotta love the li’l rascals!





Me: Nope…well except during funerals.  And we save it all up for those.  You ever seen Marine at a buddy’s funeral?  We lose our shit and are totally inconsolable!  Tears, snot…we’re on our knees, in the rain…shit we don’t care.  We love it when it rains during one of our funerals.

Girl: Why?

Me: Harder to see the tears dripping from our chins.


Well, that’s enough from me.  Back to not actually doing any work and getting paid for it…


Yup...sounds about right for me.

Yup…sounds about right for me.

Decorated Anti-Christ…mas.

Kind of short (and a day and a half late, sorry) so I’ll give you a story about my Christmas Decorating prowess.  Now first let me take notice that I don’t celebrate Christmas.  I exchange gifts with people, because they get me gifts and I won’t let them give me one unless I give them something in return.  Believe me; I would prefer to not exchange gifts…I rarely get anything I want or can use from my fiancé’s grandparents, my own grandparents, or even much of my own extended family.

Add onto that the fact that I never get any leads on what they really want for themselves, I always just get a sheepish giggle and a shrug, “I dunno…what do ya wanna get me?”

I want to get you a hammer which snaps back and hits you in the face every time you swing it!

So needless to say, I never decorate for Christmas.  When I lived with my father we would put up a ‘tree’ the day after Thanksgiving.  It was a 4 inch tall ceramic tree that was painted to look like it was decorated with ornaments.

Now that I live elsewhere, I do even less.  My fiancé has talked about getting a tree, maybe some lights, and all of that fancy unnecessary stuff.  My reply to her was to remind her that I’d be the one putting them up and arranging them…

I rest my case.


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