DJ Comic: March Holidays Part 1


I’m not too good with crafty stuff, but I still like to do it.  Rich is actually pretty good with it, though.  He can keep his hands steadier than mine and he can make some nice jewelry too.

Wow, it’s hard to believe I’ve been doing these comics for almost a year now.  March is the last month for the holiday comics.  I’ll be taking a month off from comics to try to figure out what I want to do with it next.  I still really haven’t decided what direction I want to go with it, to be honest.


DJ Comic: January Holidays Part 1

You know, for how awesome the site is, it still, unfortunately, cannot upload and make a post for the comic.  But somehow I keep forgetting this.  I made this comic almost 2 weeks ago.  I’m a derp.




Ah, hot tea.  Such a lovely drink.  It’s so relaxing and calming… unless it’s way too hot and you burn your tongue for the umpteenth time.


DJ Comic: December Holidays Part 1


This month was actually supposed to be Bingo Month and Write a Friend Month, but I feel this fits December better.  The holiday season actually seems a little less crazy now that I’m an “adult” because Rich and I can’t visit nearly as many family members because of work and other adult-ish stuff.  I have a huge family, so when I was kid my parents would be driving all over the place.  We went to two different places on Christmas day and had to go to 3 or more other places the weekend before or after Christmas, too.  Hopefully everyone’s holiday season isn’t too crazy.


DJ Comic: September Holidays Part 1


I really would love to try to learn to play the violin or the cello, but I’m pretty music challenged.  I used to play the flute in school and tried to learn how to play bass, but I wasn’t very good at either of them.  I really don’t have a thing for playing instruments, it would just take way too much time for me to actually get somewhat decent.  Kudos though, to those who can put forth the time and effort needed to play instruments and make music.


P.S. Happy Labor Day!

DJ Comic: June Holidays Part 2


Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  We’re participating in the WAG Challenge this month.  It’s a game jam aimed at writers.


DJ Comic: June Holidays Part 1


Woot!  I finally got it up!

Well, that just got a little dirty.


DJ Comic: May Holidays Part 4


As promised, another comic.


DJ Comic: May Holidays Part 3

DJComic_012Oookay… I’m really horrible at keeping track of time.  I was still thinking it was the middle of May.  Nope, already June, ugh.  Anywhooo, I’ll be posting the rest of May in the next few days and start posting June’s soon too.

Thanks for dealing with my derpy ass and sticking around!


DJ Comic: May Holidays Part 1



DJ Comics: April Holidays Part 5


And that does it for April.  Hopefully I’ll be a little more on time-ish with next month’s comics.  There was a lot of stuff going on this month.  Thanks for sticking around!


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