Shorty Shorts #10

I was getting a car insurance over the phone and the lady asked me if there was any accidents or tickets in the past five years.  Of course I had to tell her about this one.

For a summary my fiancé was making a left turn and a woman with no headlights on, driving on a rainy evening, slammed into her without hitting her breaks.  Caught my fiancé right in the back quarter side.

Unfortunately in stating the answer, my grasp of the English language kind of floated away.  Worst part?  It had happened earlier when I told her my vehicle is still owned by the bank, i.e. a lien, and I couldn’t get lien and lease to separate in my mind so I kept telling her my bank is the leense-holder.  Ugh.

So she asked about accidents and I told her, “Yes, last year around June my fiancé was tea-bagged.”


For those who don’t know, the insurance agent did know, the difference between t-boning and tea-bagging can be illustrated by this photo comparison:

Left: T-Bone; Right: Tea-Bag.

Left: T-Bone; Right: Tea-Bag.

Needless to say it took us a few minutes to compose ourselves before I could actually get my quote.  But at least she didn’t just gasp and hang up on me saying something like, “Well I never…!”


Of course, if you’ve never been tea-bagged how do you know what it is?  Oh, right…Halo.

You want some cream with your tea?

You want some cream with your tea?

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