Je’Suis Bête!

I just thought I would make a little addendum to yesterday’s post.  I used a tongue-in-cheek joke that several people did not seem to get.

Je’Sui Paris and Je’Sui Humanité mean nothing, because it is spelled wrong.

I was spelling it that way to lambaste the fact that almost everyone on my Facebook feed, the folks I was ripping on in that post, had spelled Je’Suis Paris incorrectly.  The last s in Je’Suis is silent, as is par for the course in French.  As a matter of fact the last s in Paris is supposed to be silent as well.  It would be along the lines of Jah-Swee Pa-Ree.

It turns out nobody got the joke, though, and that makes me look like the idiot, because it just looks like I spelled it wrong.  Which I did, on purpose.  But nobody got it.

Writing comedy is hard.