Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas to all you practicing and non-practicing Christians.  Festive Eid* to all you practicing and non-practicing Muslims.  Happy Channukkah to all you Jews.  Giddy Holiday to any Pagans who happen to celebrate something around these times.

Christmas Eve has ended and we are now into Christmas Day…hopefully you remembered to aks Santa for what you wanted.  And hopefully you got what you wanted.

What did you ask Santa for?

And if you’re one of those really pious, fervent Christians who belive that Christmas is Jesus Day, not Santa Day.  Then I leave you with this…

Damn it Jesus, quit using Resurrect. That's a cheap move!

Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate, or pretend to celebrate as the case may be!

*Yes, I know that Eid al-Adha was in November this year, but it sthe most recent Eid, right?  Consider it a belated Eid well-wishing.

Ill? No, Ma’am, He’s Kim Jong Dead.

This one’s a two-parter, today.  And on time…I even amaze myself sometimes.  First we have the good news.  God is dead!  No not Jehova/Yahweh/Allah, Kim Jong Il, the President and resident god of North Korea.

I was told a story last night by one of my colleagues that watches a lot of documentaries; he said that there is a group of Christians in North Korea who wear crosses on their chests.  Just above the cross on their lapel is a little pin with Kim Jong Il’s picture on it.  When asked why they wear the pin they allegedly respond something to the effect of, “Because we follow the Lord, Jesus Christ; and above him King Jong Il.”

Suddenly I think I know how Kim Jong Il died…

Heart attack on a train, my ass!

Anywho, his youngest son, Kim Jong Un, is most likely going to take over the country.  So nothing will really change except for the antagonist for a second Team America: World Police movie, I guess.

So on to more tragic, albeit hilarious, news…

Luckily no one was seriously hurt, although one person was apparently taken to the hospital with a leg injury and others were examined and released by the on-site medical staff.


So really the only casualty of the day was King Jong Il…I’m cool with that.