Cold Weather Wit

For those of you who are not aware that the United States is undergoing a cold snap of epic proportions, I would just like you all to know that I had to do a foot patrol just a few moments ago.  I wear spectacles and when I wear a face mask for warmth my breath will fog my glasses up at times.

Needless to say my glasses fogged up while I was outside, when I came back inside I removed them to let them warm up and defog.  That’s when I realized my vision still looked foggy…I think my corneas froze over.

Anyway, to try to warm the spirits (it is -29 degrees Farenheit outside right now), here’s a Photopost about cold weather.

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Atlanta right now is 17 degrees.  Good luck folks, welcome to the North.

Atlanta right now is 17 degrees. Good luck folks, welcome to the North.

What you don't realize is, this is a picture of Houston.

What you don’t realize is, this is a picture of Houston.



And one final picture, just to brighten your day a bit.  Cute kitties!


Sooo cuute!!

Sooo cuute!!



Aaaand, back outside I go.  *~Whine*

‘Attacked’ By a Dog!

So I was doing a foot patrol the other day when I notice dog paw prints in the snow (a reluctant welcome to the Pennsylvania Winter, BTW).  I looked up when I heard a man barking orders to the owner of the paw prints.  They were on the return trip from the dog’s walk it seemed.  A big brown pitbull was marching just beside the man.

The owner said, “Rio…heel!  Stay…don’t move!”

The dog seemed to be very calm and just kept looking at his owner like he was crazy for yelling.  That was…until I got within twenty feet of the duo.  The dog began to shake, not from the cold, but presumably from excitement.  The man started barking even more orders at the dog, which just made it shake even more.

Just as I was about to pass them the dog leaps forward, between his owner and myself.  Puts his nose about and inch from my thigh and gives me this, ferocious, blood-thirsty look:

Oh God!  The horror!!

Oh God! The horror!!

That’s when the man yelled one more thing, “No, Rio!  Not everyone loves you!”

The dog stared at me so I reached out and scratched behind his ears (he was big enoguh I didn’t have to bend over to do this).  He excitedly jammed his face into my leg as I petted him and then gave me a forlorn look as his owner walked past and barked for him to come along.

Loves a strong word…but I certainly liked Rio, he was a cute puppy.  I only wish I’d had a ball to toss for him to see him romp in the snow.


One more cute puppy picture, just for no reason:

Look, she had a good litter!

The father might have some questions about this litter.

Photopost: Kitties…Of All Kinds

Today’s photopost involves cats of every shape, size, and determination.  There are so many models of kittehs noawadays!

First of all, a kitty who wants some attention…

Pet me, pet me, pet me! At least look at me!!

And now they even come in palm-size models.

I’m the new iKitty 4.

This one comes with a handy stand for easy display.

This is my thinking pose.

This one’s getting a little ‘cat nap’ after a hard day’s work of wreaking hell.

Yous can puneesh me whens I wakes up…ZZzzz

I’ll name this one Oliver Kitty; I’ll call him Twisty for short.

Please sir…may I have some more?

They even have flying models!

Come in Tower, this is KI-77 coming in for a landing.

This one will tie your shoes for you.

Let’s see now…over, then under, then…how I do it, again?

And finally…we even have a teenage-girl model of kitty.  Comes complete with camera phone!

Am I doin’ the duckface, right?



He was surprised by his own cutness!

Do You Support the Torture of Kittens?

Have you folks ever heard of the FLDS?  They’re a fanatical type of Mormon, FLDS stands for Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints.  When the Mormon church, as a whole, forbade polygamy…these folks decided the church was wrong and founded their own church.

They are somewhere around 10,000 strong and they are fucking nuts!

You’ve probably heard of them, in passing at least, when their prophet and president Warren Jeffs was arrested on charges stemming from polygamy, pedophilia, aggravated rape of minors, arranging marriages between young girls (minors) and adult men, and other such sicko stuff.

Looks like a fine upstanding citizen to me!

Remember the pictures of women with goofy haircuts in dull blue dresses from a few years back, in all the magazines and papers?  Yeah that was the FLDS.  Well, he’s still controlling them from jail, BTW; they still answer entirely to him.

The FLDS uses brainwashing and terrorist tactics to keep their members within the fold.  Those who leave are taught lessons and made example of.  For instance, CNN reported on a husband who left the church (he was actually forced out for using contraception during sex with his wife)…so his wife and children were taken from him and moved into another home.

The local police are all members of the FLDS church and the state has decertified over half the police force for various malignant or downright illegal actions, such as practicing polygamy, felonious sexual conduct with a minor (i.e. statutory rape), and refusal to testify against other FLDS members in grand jury and trial depositions.

The Colorado City, Arizona police force is largely looked upon as the most corrupt police force in the U.S.

[gigya src=”” flashvars=”context=embed&videoId=bestoftv/2012/05/10/ac-tuchman-watkiss-flds-police.cnn” width=”416″ height=”374″ quality=”high” wmode=”transparent” allowFullScreen=”true”]


I remember a story I was told when I was younger.  Around my home town, shortly before I was born (we’re looking at late 70’s-early 80’s folks) a black couple and their children moved onto a cozy little plot of land right outside of my small hometown.

Members of the community, often wearing white sheets and hoods, proposed the idea of the couple and their children moving somewhere else.  It was all very civil, I’m told.  The local citizenry gathered in the black couple’s front yard, threw them a little bonfire (they used a cross, so it was a church-friendly activity, too), and politely discussed the merits of leaving town immediately.

I’m just glad these things can be solved diplomatically. Right?

However the black couple were unmoved by the stirring speeches and continued meetings with the locals.  So one day a bunch of them followed the black father to work, waiting outside his work, then followed him home and attacked him before he got home.

When the black wife walked outside that morning, her husband was hanging from a tree.  He’d been beaten pretty badly, the word ‘nigger’ was etched into his skin, and he had been hanged with a rope in his own front yard.  They also hanged him improperly and he died of strangulation, not the broken neck like you’re supposed to when you’re hanged.

Needless to say the wife immediately called the police.  The police investigated and ruled it a suicide, using ‘you had to be there’ evidence; in other words, the cops either witnessed or participated in the ‘suicide’.  The police then suggested that the black wife leave town before her or the kids wound up committed suicide, too.  She did just that.


What does that story have to do with the FLDS?  A gentleman by the name of Isaac Wyler, who lives in Colorado City, Arizona, has recently left the FLDS church.  In response, members of the church did this:

Words on my mind? Heinous, merciless, cruel, evil…? Yeah, that’s a good start.

Yes…that is a kitten, buried up to its neck in concrete, then placed in Mr. Wyler’s yard.  Thankfully Mr. Wyler rescued the kitten by digging it out of the ground, cutting the metallic pipe that the concrete was poured into, and carefully chipping away at the concrete until the kitten was freed.

Sadly, it was not enough and the kitten died a few days later.

Keep in mind…the fastest concrete takes about 20-40 minutes to harden and 7 hours to fully dry.  Now judging by the videos the concrete is still in the curing phase, which means it was still damp and had been sitting for less than 7 hours.

Even so, that means that someone held that kitten in place, forcing it to stay in the concrete for over half an hour.  The sick fucks sat there…they sat there and held a kitten in concrete while it bawled and clawed to be free for over a half an hour!

Then they buried in their neighbor’s yard in the dead of night to let it die.  As the concrete hardened the kitten’s chest would have slowly been compressed; every breath out, every squall, would have let the concrete tighten, making it harder to breath back in the next time.

And what did the cops do when Mr. Wyler reported the incident?  The cop laughed at the kitten and watched Wyler struggle to free it.


Someone needs to regulate the Colorado City Police Department, and thanks to couple of idiotic bureaucratic congresswomen from Arizona the state won’t be doing that.  I’ll gladly buy the concrete for anyone who wants to dig a hole and hold a Colorado City cop in place for about 30 minutes.

December Dick of the Month: Arizona Humane Society

Many of us have been in Mr. Daniel Dockery’s shoes.  Our beloved cat is injured, we take it to the veterinarian, and the vet checks our kitty out and says that it will be $400 worth of surgery.

Now if you read my blog, you probably aren’t the kind of person who can just pull that kind of cash out of your back pocket.  No my readers are probably more of the kind of people like myself, or Mr. Dockery; rather poor.  Sure I’m poor because I was born that way and Mr. Dockery, 49, is poor because he was addicted to Heroin and is a recovering addict.

Now…either way, neither I nor Mr. Dockery have the financial means to be putting $400 into a cat so easily.  I have the luxury of fiscal control in that I have some savings and could acquire $400, if necessary.

Mr. Dockery did not even have that luxury.  But alas, his poor kitty, named Scruffy, was the main thing helping him to recover from his heroin addiction.  He couldn’t just let his beloved feline go.  Mr. Dockery tried to get his mother from Wisconsin to wire money or pay with a credit card over the phone, which the Arizona Humane Society that he had gone to refused to accept or wait for.  Mr. Dockery had to pay the $400 up front, or leave with no feline medical care.

So the vets that Mr. Dockery went to came up with what Mr. Dockery found to be an acceptable tradeoff: Sign Scruffy over to the ownership of the Arizona Humane Society and Scruffy will be treated for free, then given to a foster family for care.

Mr. Dockery didn’t want to give up his beloved cat, which he found and raised from the age of 4 days, hand-feeding her before her eyes even opened.  But it was the only way he could save her.

So Mr. Dockery signed the papers and departed.  Scruffy was then shipped off to another location to undergo surgery…and was subsequently euthanized.

Mr. Dockery claimed that the injury was not life-threatening, but the representative from the Arizona Humane Society said that Scruffy was cut from the belly to the knee, to the muscle, and that they didn’t have enough vets to fix her up.

From the report I read, the representative Ms. Stacy Pearson,  claimed the following:

“[Pearson] said staff had every intention of getting Scruffy the help she needed but the number of animals requiring help at the group’s second-chance clinic was too much for the resources available.

If Dockery had been able to pay, Scruffy would have been treated at the facility where he brought her, Pearson said.”

So, in other words…if Dockery had been able to pay up-front, the cat would have been fixed up on the spot.  But because Mr. Dockery was too poor to pay for it on the spot…the cat’s injury was life-threatening and she subsequently had to be put down.

So the members of the Arizona Humane Society earn December’s Dick of the Month award.  Nothing like murdering a recovering heroin addict’s kitten because he can’t pay you.

Oh and their mea culpa (that’s fancy speak for bullshit apology) was to let the guy have any cat in their shelter.  The story didn’t mention he could have it for free, either, they just said he could pick out any cat he wanted.  Yeah, we murdered your cat, so here’s another one that you won’t be able to pay for medical care for.

The good news is that now they take credit cards like any respectable business in the 21st century would.  So maybe poor people like myself and Mr. Dockery can just go into irreparable debt for our animals, and not sign them into the hands of murderers.

But not just any murderers…Dick of the Month murderers.