Red 2 Review

Our second movie with Mary-Louise Parker is Red 2.  I enjoyed the first movie, which had an all-star cast of Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and Brian Cox.  It was a good mix of humor, intrigue, and action.


Well the second one suffers from sequelitis in that it’s not quite as good as the first one, but while Morgann Freeman has not returned for this film we’ve exchanged him for Anthony Hopkins who does a pretty good job in his role.

This movie is about as funny as the first movie, although it’s a warmer humor than the first one.  One thing to note is that it has traded a significant amount of action for intrigue.  Not nearly as much fighting and gunplay as in the first movie, a lot of the action is in the form of chase scenes.

One thing that perturbed me, and it may just be in order to retain that PG-13 rating it got, was the weird policy on blood.  Gunshots don’t really cause any blood for the most part, the fistfights creates bloody noses and a cut forehead or such.  No bodies ever leave a trail of blood or create a pool on the carpet.



The real point where this becomes an issue is after a particular character near the end betrays his colleagues and stabs two of them, apologizing for making a mess on the floor afterward.  There’s no blood to make a mess with.  This becomes even stranger when he wipes the clean knife off on a tied-up hostage’s shirt.  Then he cuts the hostage’s carotid artery, which would normally create at least a strong flow of blood, if not an actual arterial spray.  No blood, even though that’s what would have killed the hostage (who does die); blood loss.  It just kind of took me out of the moment.

All in all the movie was pretty good, but I had been hoping for a little more action.  The bomb they use could have used some more explanation to it, since my fiancé had to look away from the movie and ask me what the hell they were talking about.  Even I didn’t know a whole lot about the subject, but enough to get her through the moment.

In the end it wasn’t as good as the first, but if you enjoyed the first you’ll probably enjoy the second.  I have to admit that I think RIPD was the better of the two movies as far as humor goes, but Red 2 has a better plotline with the additional intrigue.  Not a bad watch if you’re in the mood for a humorous spy thriller.


R.I.P.D. Review

This weekend we decided to take a break from the constant work on the new house and hit some movies.  Apparently this week was Mary-Louise Parker week, because we saw two movies with her in it.  The first of which was the dismally rated RIPD with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges; also the aforementioned Ms. Parker and Kevin Beacon.

I think they should have titled it...Really Interesting Posts...Dickjutsu!  Y'know, just a suggestion.

I think they should have titled it…Really Interesting Posts…Dickjutsu! Y’know, just a suggestion.

Reynolds has a few good moments, although the script doesn’t really give him a chance to shine and he actually has very few lines when you look at the end product of the film.  Beacon has a few good moments, but ultimately this is probably one of the worst bits of acting he’s ever done; he’s just not very good in the movie, really.

Mary-Louise Parker and Jeff Bridges are the reasons you watch this movie.  Bridges is hilarious as Roy and Parker does a pretty good job as Proctor, too.  Without them it would be a pretty shitty movie, but I think the movie’s worth it just for Bridges’ rambling, shambling Wild West Marshal with a modern bent.

The movie is pretty funny, although some of the humor is kind of stupid, and the special effects are often pretty crappy CGI work looking too cartoonish for the rest of the movie.  It might be due to the fact that the movie is based off of a Darkhorse Comics series, too.

Kevin Beacon looked better in the comic, too.  Assuming that's his character.

Kevin Beacon looked better in the comic, too. Assuming that’s his character in the bottom right.

Ultimately I think the movie is worth it for the humor, the storyline’s okay, the CGI effects are crap, the script is mostly just okay, but the humor really shines through in this.  It’s definitely not a diamond in the rough, but it’s at least a cubit zirconium in the rough.

If you have a limited amount of time or money for theaters, go ahead and wait for the DVD, but if you’re looking for something to see on the big screen, give RIPD a shot.  You won’t be amazed or anything, but you will be entertained.


"Ey, boy!  Look'it Dat Ass!  Yeehaw!" -- Not actual dialogue.

“Ey, boy! Look’it Dat Ass! Yeehaw!” — Not actual dialogue.

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